Glenn Doman – A Lifetime of Service and Valor 12/10/2014

Child Brain Development — Glenn Doman, A Hero

For thousands of parents around the world, Glenn Doman is remembered as a hero for his lifetime of search and discovery in the field of child brain development and the gentle revolution he created to provide intellectual, physical, and social excellence for all children.

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However, seventy years ago, Glenn was a leader and hero to the men that fought with him on the battlefields of Europe, during the Second World War. As a young lieutenant, he was an inspiration to the men he led in the 87th Infantry Division in Patton’s Third Army.

Glenn was decorated for heroism in action by many nations. He was decorated by the Grand Duchess Charlotte for services to the Duchy of Luxembourg during the Battle of the Bulge. He received the Croix de Guerre of Belgium. King George VI awarded him the British Military Cross–the highest honor awarded in Great Britain to a foreigner. In his own country he was awarded the Bronze Star for heroism in close combat and the Silver Star for gallantry against an armed enemy. He was honored with the second highest military award given by the United States–the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in combat–and he was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Throughout his life Glenn remembered his men with great love and affection. He often spoke of the bravery and humor of his men and their deep devotion to one another. He kept in touch with many of his men and tried to see them at least once a year. He was beloved of the men with whom he fought, and he was honored to fight by their sides.

Their service has not been forgotten. In September, Luxembourg celebrated the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Luxembourg. Glenn Doman was honored at a ceremony in Luxembourg to establish a memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the 87th Infantry Division. Organized by Friends of Patton’s 26th Infantry Division, the Memorial was dedicated in the presence of government officials of Luxembourg, among them: Dr. Edy Mertens, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Troisvierges, Luxembourg; the US Ambassador to Luxembourg; members of the military; WWII Veterans; members of the Doman Family–Katie Doman, her daughter-in-law Karen Doman, and her grandson Noah–Helen Patton, the granddaughter of General G.S. Patton; local and national politicians; and numerous other guests.

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Noah, Glenn’s youngest grandson, was asked to speak at the ceremony. He told the audience, “He was truly a soldier for all the people of Luxembourg and the great struggle for the liberation of your beautiful country…and like you, we will never forget.” A U.S. Marine was also present at the ceremony and recounted Glenn’s many actions of valor during battle.

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US forces freed the village of Huldange from German occupation on 26 January 1945. A new memorial stone has been inscribed with the words “Thank you for liberating us.” Symbolically, under the foundations of the stone lies sand from Normandy’s beaches, where Allied troops landed in 1944, as well as soil from General George S. Patton’s birthplace in California and his final resting place at the military cemetery in Hamm.

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Child Brain Development – Glenn Doman Helps Parents

After returning home from the war, Glenn joined the National Guard but he found a new battlefield and enlisted his own team of soldiers to wage war on brain injury. Glenn and his staff brought hope and help to thousands of parents around the world. Glenn went from fighting on the battlefield to fighting for all children by pioneering ways to help parents help their children through his research on child brain development.

Today he is remembered by his family, his brothers-in-arms, his beloved staff, and parents and children around the world. For all of us, Glenn Doman is a courageous leader, an extraordinary teacher, and our inspiration every day as we continue to fight the good fight for all children both hurt and well. Child brain development would not be the field it is today without his work and dedication to all the children of the world!

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