Courses and Programs for Hurt Children

At The Institutes, we are proud to offer programs that help hurt children gain confidence, and help parents develop the fundamental tools they will need as they pursue a path to wellness.

How We Help Hurt Children

Children admitted to our programs range from children so severely brain-injured as to be paralyzed, speechless, blind, deaf, or even comatose, to children so mildly brain-injured as to have only learning problems. The children we work with are often the victims of misdiagnosis, and given extremely poor projected outcomes by the medical community. Their parents often come to us feeling overwhelmed with contradicting information, and a feeling of near hopelessness. What we offer is a clear path forward: our programs are designed to give parents the toolset, skills, and confidence they will need to guide their children’s growth and development.

In every case, our intention is to develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We do so by focusing on the following three key offerings:

A Real Diagnosis

Children seldom arrive here with a real diagnosis. Instead, they have been given simple labels and a poor prognosis. After a careful evaluation, our children get an accurate diagnosis that states the area of the brain involved, the degree of injury and the extent of injury to brain.

Drug-free Treatment

Some medications have a suppressive effect on the central nervous system. A sedated child is not a healthy child. We use a program of stimulation and opportunity, not medications, to help the injured brain to mature and function more normally.

A Unique Program

Each child is unique and requires a program designed for their neurological condition and physiology. Each time we see a child, we design a new program based on evaluation of that child. Our clinical team works to create a treatment program that is ideal for each child.

Our Book:
What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

The single most important preparation for a parent who attends one of our courses for hurt children is to read this book. In it, our founder Glenn Doman covers the fundamentals of injured-brain development, and what can be done to set a child on a course to recovery.

What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

Parents are profoundly changed by this course. Mystery about their child is replaced by appreciation, despair by hope and, best of all, they have a real plan for the future.

Upcoming Courses

For Parents of Hurt Children

Online Course

The Pathway to Wellness

A unique opportunity for parents to learn what they need to know—what to do (and what not to do) in six areas critical to hurt children.

Learning That Lasts A Lifetime

After a family has experienced the incredible growth that can be achieved through What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child (both the course and the book), most choose to continue their relationship with The Institutes throughout the child’s development (and often, we stay connected into adulthood!) We are proud to build relationships that last a lifetime, through our series of ongoing courses that help parents and children alike achieve wellness. 

The Institutes Helps Children

There isn’t anything better than seeing children getting the help they need. For the past 60 years, we’ve done just that. We’ve helped countless children and their families find a path to wellness.