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The brain is an incredible organ. It is changing and growing every minute of every day from shortly after conception to the day we die. It is growing faster in the first six years of life than it will ever grow again. Our job has been to find the most appropriate and effective ways to enhance and enrich that growth. This is what our program is all about.

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Our Philosophy

For the past 66 years, we’ve developed courses and programs that teach parents how to provide stimulation and opportunity to speed brain growth in the very young child and enrich that growth throughout the child’s development. When parents invest time and energy to teach their children they forge a close relationship that lasts a life time.


Our objective is for our children to be physically, intellectually and socially excellent.

Course & Programs

Little Children Are Smart

Adults underestimate the intelligence of the child. Children are searching and discovering from the moment they awaken until they fall asleep. They learn at an incredible rate. They need an environment that is stimulating and provides ample opportunity to learn.

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Kids Want to Learn

Learning is the highest form of play. Children want to learn about everything and they want to learn right now. A half century of experience has taught us that children can learn absolutely anything that we can teach in an honest, factual and joyous way.

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Capability is Key

Confidence is a result of capability. Small children can be highly capable when they have appropriate stimulation and effective opportunity to learn. When parents learn how to use their time with their child to grow the brain, the child’s ability and confidence grow daily.

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For Parents of Well Children

Our Book:
How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence

One of the best ways to prepare for the course is to read “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence”. Glenn and Janet Doman outline the principles of child brain development and provide the basic steps to start a good program.

How To Multiply Course
Course & Programs

The Life-Changing

How To Multiply Your Child’s Intelligence

How To Multiply Your Child’s Intelligence is a comprehensive course that provides parents with vital information to place their child on a pathway to excellence.

Learning That Lasts A Lifetime

After a family has experienced the incredible growth that can be achieved through How To Multiply Your Child’s Intelligence (both the course and the book), most choose to continue their relationship with The Institutes throughout the child’s development (and often, we stay connected into adulthood!) We are proud to build relationships that last a lifetime, through our series of ongoing courses that help parents and children alike achieve excellence.

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Help Make a Difference

There isn’t anything better than seeing children getting the help they need. Support the pioneering work of The Institutes, where our mission to help parents and children never stops.