How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence

In this course, mothers and fathers learn how to teach in a joyous and relaxed way without the pressure and stress that we sometimes associate with our own education.

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How Do You Keep Up With Your Kids?

Little children want to learn about everything and they want to learn right now. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night they are in motion and asking questions. The pressure on Mother and father can be intense. Parents need a plan to make their time with their children richer and more productive. A good plan changes everything.

How Can We Help

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Understand early development

Learn how the brain develops & what you can do to increase & enhance that development for your child.

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Create an effective plan

Learn how to design an effective program that you can do at home to teach your children whatever they want to learn.

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Fitness and health

Learn why a physical program not only benefits health and fitness, but is essential to intellectual development.

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Joyous teaching

Learn how to teach your child in a happy, relaxed & completely joyous way.

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You are the key

Learn why you are the most important teacher your children will ever have.

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Learn why teaching your child creates a life-long bond of love and respect

More Than Half a Century of Experience

Parents come from all over the world to learn how to increase the intellectual, physical and social abilities of their children.

How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence is a comprehensive course that provides parents with the essential information they need to create an enriched home environment for their children.

Five And A Half Amazing Days

“I lived 3 years wishing I could take this profound course remotely. Now it is available. Attend. Attend before having kids.”

In our first half day our parents meet our staff and learn about The Institutes historic worldwide search and discovery to understand child brain development, not only in modern culture, but in ancient indigenous cultures around the world. We end our afternoon meeting each of the parents in the course by asking what brought them to the course and what they hope to gain from attending.

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“It’s a very approachable and comprehensive system, any one of them…reading, math, encyclopedic, etc. Even if you only picked one portion of it, anyone can do it. I was most nervous about teaching my child to read, and I have learned that it is a simple method and the child will absorb the information.”

We discuss heredity and environment in respect
to intelligence and development. Parents begin
to understand why the home environment is so
important. Myths about little children are
highlighted and a clear prospective is presented
that sheds new light on who little children really
are and what they really need and want.
Reading becomes a clear example of the
tremendous abilities of the little child. The “why”
behind our reading program is fully explored so
that parents can understand the reason it is the
cornerstone of a child’s intellectual program.
Demonstrations by our parents and children are
rounded out by a complete explanation of how to
create of a good reading program.

Encyclopedic Knowledge

“Don’t think twice. Jump in and do it. Worth it. I’d read the books, watched the videos, watched everything I could find on YouTube but the course really gave me the guns to move forward.”

What is intelligence? We define intellectual growth in terms of the tiny child and the first six years of life. Now we take a deeper look at brain growth and how to significantly increase that growth. The human brain is the original computer, we take a look at other self-regulating systems to see what we can learn to do a better job establishing and expanding a vibrant data base for our children. Parents learn that acquiring knowledge should happen on purpose, not by accident. It becomes clear that parents can teach anything and everything to the young child in a relaxed and happy way.


“I loved learning how to be a better parent committed to teach my child, getting to know online other parents that share the same enthusiasm. This is a course designed for a parent committed to teach children that will build and restore our world, by being better human beings using their full potential.”

We look at the myths about mothers and geniuses and the reality. Parents learn the requirements for intellectual growth and the steps to significantly enhance that growth. The case is made that, not only can babies learn very rapidly, but the more the child learns the more he is able to learn. Mathematics provides a perfect model to demonstrate the young child’s intellectual superiority and his ability to generalize and discover laws. We touch on the importance of social growth in the young child and propose the most important factors to raise a civilized child. Our parents and children demonstrate aspects of the encyclopedic knowledge and math programs. The philosophy and techniques of our unique math program for very young children are taught.

Physical and Nutrition

“It went beyond my expectations! I didn’t know how to make motherhood my own. I have been so “busy” with life that I was just going with the flow.
I felt empowered as a mother! I’m excited to see my baby in a new light and to know I’m capable of helping him learn so much!”

We start on this day with a broad overview of the evolution of human mobility to the development of each baby. This is the day that parents learn how to design a wonderful physical program for their baby right from birth. What is more important they learn why the physical program is essential, not only for the baby’s mobility, but for his intellectual growth, and his physiological well-being. We begin with the newborn but by days end we outline a program of running and gymnastics for the older child. Parents and children demonstrate the different levels of physical accomplishment. The day ends with a presentation on health and nutrition.

Music and Foreign Language

“It has truly been inspiring. I loved hearing the parents who have done this course, their experiences with their children.”

One of the most important presentations during the course is The Institutes Developmental Profile. The Profile is a carefully structured model that shows the growth and development of the essential stages of the brain from birth to its completion. Many parents come to our course asking can I teach my baby a second language? On our last day we finally answer this question with how to teach your baby a foreign language. We also introduce our music program which embraces music appreciation, theory, and playing an instrument. Our parents and children demonstrate aspects of our music program. We then invite our parents from years past to join us and answer questions. This Is a beloved opportunity to learn from parents who have raised their children and are happy to share their extraordinary experiences and advice. As the course grows to its conclusion we give our best advice so that parents feel ready to go home and get started.

What You'll Take Away

You’ll leave the course with all of the resources and knowledge you need to get your child on the path to excellence.

Brain Development Programs

Intellectual program icon

Intellectual Program

We instruct mother and father on how to teach anything and everything in an honest, factual, and joyous way. We learn the significance of genetics and environment, and we gain a healthy respect for the greatest CPU on earth – the human brain – and how to use 30 seconds of your child’s time to multiply your child’s intelligence.

Physical program icon

Physical Program

The Physical Program provides the foundation for all the intellectual programs and for physiological well-being. This program is about the fundamental physical stages of neurological growth and development.

Physiological program icon

Physiological Program

Improve your child’s well-being through an appropriate nutrition plan and a healthy home environment, building the foundations for a lifetime of health and success through an appreciation for physical health. We help our parents become positive role-models that instill healthy habits that will last a life-time.

Essential Materials

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Lecture Notebook

This course companion contains enough materials to keep the at home development programs going for 6-12 months.

Pathway To Excellence Book

Pathway to Excellence Book

A practical book with guidance on what to do and what not to do in 240 vital points in mobility, intelligence, nutrition, communication, social growth, environmental factors, and more.

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IN-Report Journal

The Institutes journal has reported our results every six months for the last 45 years.

What Parents Say About The Course

Teachers Who Really Care

Our staff provide expert instruction to ensure that parents understand the basis and rationale of the program, and practical know-how gained from years of firsthand experience with parents and babies.

Susan Aisen

The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Janet Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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Leia Coelho Reilly

The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Rumiko Ion Doman

Vice Director
The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Kathy Myers

Senior Staff
The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Glenn Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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Ready to Register?

We’re glad you want to attend! All parents must complete a call with our experts before registering to ensure they are a good fit for our courses. Just fill out the form below and chose a time slot on the next page, and you’ll be one step closer to helping your child succeed.