We encourage parents and their children to pursue life-long learning.

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Start at the Beginning

All of our treatment for brain-injured children starts with What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child, both the book and the in-person course. Once we’ve worked with parents to cover the fundamentals of brain development, and charted a course toward recovery for their children, many parents choose to advance to our other courses and programs for hurt children. 



The Home Program Consultation

Once parents have attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course, they are able to design a home program for their child. The Home Program Consultation enables parents to receive a review of their program by The Institutes staff. This consultation helps parents to be certain that the program they designed is appropriate for their child. It helps parents to prepare for their first appointment.


The First Appointment

After graduating from The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course, parents bring their child to The Institutes to be evaluated and diagnosed and to receive an initial comprehensive program that embraces all aspects of the child’s development. Parents are carefully taught each aspect of the program and return home to do it.


The Intensive Treatment Program

After the first visit parents may return and apply for The Intensive Program. The intention of this program is to create the ideal home environment of stimulation and opportunity for the child. The goal is to move a child to a significantly higher level of function as rapidly as our knowledge permits. Parents return every six months for evaluation and program design and to attend lectures and learn more.

Continued Education

The Lecture Series

Once parents graduate from the What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child Course, they are eligible to attend The Lecture Series. The Lecture Series Program was developed for parents on the Intensive Treatment Program and is a vital part of that program. These are two-day lectures that encompass all the areas of child brain development. By attending these lectures, parents continue to gain knowledge of child brain development and apply this knowledge to their child at home. 

Help Make a Difference

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