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What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child

Your child’s problem is not a life sentence, but a call to action that requires knowledge, understanding and a dynamic and effective program to bring about real change for your child.

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Brain-injured Children Treated

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Alone With a Big Problem

Whether a child has an overwhelming mobility problem, or poor attention, concentration and speech, or a mild learning problem parents want their child progressing now. They have often been everywhere looking for answers.

Parents feel alone and desperate to do something. By the end of the course parents understand why their child is struggling and they have the answers and the tools they need. They know they are not alone anymore and they have our support in the future.

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How We Can Help

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A Real Evaluation

Through The Institutes Developmental Profile™, you’ll learn how to evaluate the stage of brain development of your child in comparison to expected benchmarks.

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A True Diagnosis

Symptomatic labels like cerebral palsy, autism, or attention deficit are not a diagnosis. You’ll learn what a proper diagnosis 
should be.

Unique Treatment

There is no standard treatment for brain injury. After thoroughly evaluating your child, you’ll be able to develop a unique treatment program tailored to their needs.

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Information at Every Turn

Over 50 hours that cover philosophy and practice with demonstrations, and hands-on opportunities to learn. Our clinical staff are there to answer questions throughout the course.

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An Actionable Plan

By forging a pathway to success that features concrete action steps, parents develop confidence in their abilities to treat their children at home.

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A Caring Community

Our community of knowledgeable staff members and parents provide support, so you'll never feel alone in treating your child.

Overview of the Course

Parents of a brain-injured child should not be left alone with a beloved child who may have a catastrophic problem and no solution. Parents should know there are many options. We are here to teach parents about the brain, show them those options then help them to get their child on a real pathway to wellness as quickly as possible.
When parents complete the course they have a functional evaluation of their child, they understand a proper diagnosis but most importantly they have a battle plan to start to help their child get better physically, intellectually and physiologically.

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What You'll Learn

Each day provides “the why” behind what is being taught. This is essential. Our parents always want to know why, not only how.

What is Brain Injury?

“After the second hour of the course on Monday, I called my mother and told her that just those two hours were worth the time, effort, and money.” Parents will be introduced briefly to the history of the work of The Institutes. They will learn about the causes of brain-injury, why the conventional treatments commonly used to treat hurt children do not succeed and what is essential in effective treatment. They learn that parents are often confused and disheartened by the symptomatic labels that have made them think their child was hopeless. They end the day understanding that their child has an injury to the brain and that the brain has great plasticity and can be treated.

About Brain Development

“The staff was wonderful. They were knowledgeable, kind, helpful and, most of all, quietly confident that they can help your child.”

The day begins with the basic principles of brain growth and development. These principles will become the guiding light in the home programs of each child in the future. The neurophysiological evidence that the brain has incredible plasticity is presented. The most important dynamics in central nervous system transmission are taught. As parents understand the importance of stimulation and opportunity their most important question becomes “So, what is happening in the brain?” This question is addressed.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

“This course is not just about theory, it is led by experts who are eager to share the vast amount of practical knowledge they have. It is a place you can ask every single question you have and get answers from trained professionals based on their rich experience.”

Parents learn about The Institutes Developmental Profile and how to use that profile to evaluate where their child is compared to the well child. This careful evaluation will be essential as the week goes on. The day ends with an overview on diagnosis in which parents learn that a proper diagnosis cannot be a simple description of symptoms but must provide where the problem is located, how much of a problem there may be and to what degree. Parents now have a clear picture of where their child stands and they are ready to learn what to do about it.

“This book is the first book in history, to my knowledge, which tells how to treat brain-injured children, why to treat brain-injured children, and most precisely what happened to a group of brain-injured children when they were so treated.” 

– Raymundo Veras, MD

Mobility Development

“This is the first time I’ve attended a training institute where I actually felt the staff loved and believed in what they were doing and teaching. It was a pleasure to hear over and over again that a brain-injured child can be helped and had potential.”

Now that parents know how the brain gets injured, why treatment must be directed to the brain and not to the symptoms,  how to evaluate their own child and discover the areas of the brain that need stimulation, they are ready to learn how to begin a program. On this day the staff of the Institute for Physical Excellence take over and they teach all aspects of mobility from the immobile child all the way to the child who may walk and run. Parents begin to understand that the physical program is not only about mobility but it is designed to provide neurological organization to all areas of the brain that may be injured. Parents see demonstrations by children on the program. They are taught directly how to do certain parts of the physical program and they actually get to do some of the physical program their child will be doing.

Intellectual Development

“I did not expect to be on the edge of my seat every minute of every lecture. I did not expect to get excited and gain this amount of knowledge.”

The staff of The Institute for Intellectual Excellence begin the day with the reasons why reading is the single most important part of a vibrant and effective intellectual program. They present a full background on reading and a detailed program that can be done at home with excellent results. Visual problems and their effect on reading and learning are reviewed. Children on the program are presented and parents have a chance to see the materials developed at home by our families. 

Sensory and Physiological Development

“The best thing about the course is the methodical approach to assess the  child and identify relevant solutions. The course was without a doubt worth the time, effort and money.”

This day covers a lot of very important ground. The day begins with the sensory stimulation program where parents learn how to provide appropriate stimulation to help a blind child to see, or a deaf child to hear, or an insensate child to feel. Next, parents learn about oxygen enrichment, medications and detoxification from the medical staff. Environmental toxins and their solutions are presented as well as a comprehensive presentation of The Institutes nutritional program. This one day covers so much that it could be a one week course all by itself.

The Family is the Answer

“Do whatever it takes to get to the course. It will forever change your life and, more importantly, your brain-injured child’s life.”

By the final day it is time to answer the question “Is there really hope for my brain-injured child, if so, what are his chances to improve?” The Institutes has kept meticulous records of each child in its Clinical Archive which goes back more than six decades. A summary of the results of treatment is presented so that parents can evaluate for themselves the significance based upon their new understanding of the development of the brain. 

On this day we take a simple but profound look at the family and each parent understands why at The Institutes it is the family that is the answer. When parents understand exactly why the brain grows the way it does, they are the very best therapists for their children.

Finally, we step back and offer our very best practical advice about what to do and what not to do with a brain-injured child. Sixty years of night and day experience nose-to-nose with the most challenging range of hurt children and teaching the very best parents makes this final presentation invaluable. Parents know they are part of the family of The Institutes.

What You'll Take Away

You’ll leave the course with all of the resources and knowledge you need to get your child on the path to excellence.

Custom Treatment Programs

Physiological program icon

A Physiological Program

Parents improve their child’s health and wellbeing with better nutrition and a healthy home environment whether the child may be chronically ill, or have allergies, sleep problems, digestive problems, seizures or poor weight gain.

A Physical Program

Movement at all levels is vital to development. Parents learn exactly what their child’s physical program should be, based upon The Developmental Profile of their child.

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An Intellectual Program

Parents learn how to provide the sensory stimulation needed to see, hear and feel properly and how to create an intellectual program that is easy and fun for their child.

Essential Materials

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Lecture Notebook

Lecture notes are provided for everything taught. These notes have diagrams, checklists and reading lists to help parents for the next 6-12 months at home.

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Pathway to Wellness Book

240 critical points that guide parents on what to do and what not to do in mobility, intelligence, nutrition, liquids, communication, social growth, environmental factor and medication and surgery.

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IN-Report Journal

For 45 years our journal has reported the results of what happens when hurt children have a program designed to grow the brain.

What Parents Say About The Course

Teachers Who Really Care

Our staff provide expert instruction to ensure that parents understand the basis and rationale of the program, and practical know-how gained from years of firsthand experience with parents and babies.

Susan Aisen

The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Janet Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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Leia Coelho Reilly

The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Rumiko Ion Doman

Vice Director
The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Kathy Myers

Senior Staff
The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Ernesto Vasquez, M.D.

The Institute for Physiological Excellence
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Glenn Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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“This book is the first book in history, to my knowledge, which tells how to treat brain-injured children, why to treat brain-injured children, and most precisely what happened to a group of brain-injured children when they were so treated.” 

– Raymundo Veras, MD

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