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MMR Reaction: Acute Encephalopathy

One little boy fights his way back to a full life It is often said that one in ten thousand children have a bad reaction to the MMR vaccine. Some would argue it is more common than that. But whether there is a one in ten thousand chance of injury […]

Imaginative Play: Does It Really Matter?

Q & A Matvey loves doing his physical program as a pirate! 1. Please tell me what the benefits are for kids to engage in imaginative play? From a kid’s point of view all play is imaginative, otherwise it is not play at all. The benefits of exercising one’s imagination […]



Learning Problems Success Story: Sofia

Sofia and her family rewrite the story –  Energetic, very happy, and highly capable Little Sofia must have wondered when she started school, Why is life so difficult for me and so easy for everyone else? Why, indeed? Millions of children, all over the world, will start school with excitement […]

Why Teach Your Baby to Read?

For more than fifty years mothers all over the world have been teaching their babies to read. Why should a mother teach her baby to read? Actually there are some very good reasons why we should teach our babies to read and why so many mothers (and fathers) are doing […]



Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Chaitanya and his parents put order and excellence front and center in his life. When Chaitanya was born, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and he did not have an immediate birth cry. He was placed on a ventilator for 12 hours and kept in the neonatal intensive […]

Stroke – The Devastating Effects of a Cerebral Hemorrhage

After a grim prognosis, a very tough 63-year-old takes back her life and proves to her doctors that the brain can recover.   One January morning while Toshiko, age 62, was eating lunch, she felt her right hand become numb.  Five minutes later she had the same sensation in her […]