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Autism Success Story: Sean 5/21/2015

Symptomatic Label “Autism” Outcome: The Dean’s List Sean Carves His Own Pathway To Wellness Sean was diagnosed as autistic and as having a “non-verbal learning disorder.” Along with these diagnoses his parents were given a frightening prognosis. When Sean was 11 years old, his parents first learned about the work of The Institutes. When Sean was […]


World Organization Opening Ceremony

60 Years of Search & Discovery 5/14/2015

On the 6th of May The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential began the celebration of six decades of work in the field of child brain development. Banners were hung on the campus of The Institutes celebrating the staff that helped to establish The Institutes as we know it today. The Flag Ceremony marks […]

Trisomy 21 Success Story: Francesco 5/8/2015 1

Is it Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome or simply the Amazing Francesco?  Proving that a diagnosis does not define a life. Francesco, diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome, defied his diagnosis many years ago. When Francesco was born, in Italy, his parents were told that he would walk, but very late, that he would talk, but with […]



The Creation of Ability 4/30/2015

Is a baby born with certain abilities or can the intelligence of the baby be increased significantly? It has long been believed that the key milestones in a child’s development are achieved automatically, purely as a result of the child’s growing older over time and or the baby’s genetic make up. This theory dictates that the […]

Shakira Is Teaching Her Baby To Read And He Loves It 4/29/2015 1

Mother and Father with Milan  Fifty years ago Glenn Doman wrote How to Teach Your Baby to Read. When Random House published the book there were basically two reactions: “This is a brilliant and wonderful idea” or “What planet did this man fly in from?” And so it has been for 5 decades. Millions of mothers […]

Shakira With Family


ETI Graduate Tells Her Story – Chenee 4/24/2015 1

“We had just finished a performance in Tokyo, and I was off to watch a colleague perform on the aerial lyra. This was the first time I had ever seen an aerial performance outside of Cirque du Soleil and immediately had to try it. Soon after, I moved back to the States for the purpose […]

ETI Graduate Tells Her Story – Victoria 4/22/2015

Victoria  in a hammer throw competition “Hammer throw is a discipline that requires extreme coordination, balance, strength, and even endurance, both mental and physical. Looking back, I am certain that without the early mental and physical training I received thanks to The Institutes’ Early Development Program and International School I would not be where I […]

Victoria 2


ETI Graduate Tells Her Story: Janelle 4/21/2015

Janelle with her twin sister “My time in The Evan Thomas Institute had a huge effect on my attention to physical fitness and my performance as an athletic artist.  One of the biggest assets I think I gained was the habit of cross-training.  As a professional dancer and acrobat, the discipline to cross-train is invaluable […]

Frequently Asked Questions about “The Glenn Doman Method” 4/15/2015

Who was Glenn Doman? GLENN DOMAN founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential to which parents from every continent have been finding their way for more than a half-century. It is difficult to know if Glenn and The Institutes are more prominent for their pioneering work in the treatment of brain-injured children, or […]

Glenn and Janet Doman