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Baby Creeping

The Newborn: Let’s Mobilize Babies

Without question, the single most important program for any one-day old baby is the Floor Program. It, more than anything else, determines whether a child will be physically excellent. During the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course, great emphasis is placed on the Floor Program. Unfortunately, there is little […]

When is it too late for the brain to recover?

At age 25 Joshua starts the journey that will change his life   Following a difficult birth, with no detectable heartbeat prior to delivery, Joshua was incubated and given oxygen to survive.     Parents were told there was little hope their baby would ever develop normally.   In the […]


Janet in Tokyo

Tokyo University Medical School Presentation

Professor Kobayashi Dir. Dept Public Health, Tokyo University, Janet Doman, Dir. The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Dr. Itoh, Project Researcher, Dept. Public Health, Toyko Univ. Dr. Itoh translated the presentation This week The Staff of The Institutes accepted the invitation of Tokyo University to teach physicians in the […]

Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Brain Injury

Alikhan: Charming, intelligent, and pretty much unstoppable Alikhan was born 12 weeks premature after a long and difficult labor. Parents learned in the intensive care unit that Alikhan had suffered a Grade III intraventricular hemorrhage. Oxygen was administered, and he was incubated, medicated, and monitored. He had seizures shortly after […]



Cerebral Palsy: Twin boys are stricken

Matvey and Timofey crawl, creep and walk their way to wellness. The boys love reading homemade books together.  Matvey and Timofey are twin brothers.  They were born two months premature and both weighed less than 2 kilos. Immediately after they were born, they were placed in incubators, monitored and tube […]

Respiratory Distress and Failure to Thrive

Fumio almost didn’t make it. Fumio and Glenn had a natural affinity from the start. At birth, Fumio lacked the basic reflexes a newborn baby should have and was not expected to live. Too weak to suck and swallow, he was hospitalized and tube fed for the first three months […]