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Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving: Some tips for this holiday or any celebration 11/25/2014

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States of America. It is a beloved holiday that is celebrated by all. In a nation blessed with so much natural beauty and abundant resources, we remember on this day all the reasons we have to be thankful. We celebrate our harvest time with a beautiful […]

Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think 11/21/2014

Five Tips To Help You Catch Up 1. Provide stimulation and opportunity on purpose         not by accident A birth a newborn baby is functionally blind, deaf, and insensate. These sensory pathways grow and develop based upon stimulation. The sensory pathways grow when appropriate visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation is given with […]

Baby on Floor

Ana Today

Traumatic Brain Injury Success Story: Ana 11/20/2014

Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury: Ana’s Story   At birth Ana was a beautiful and healthy baby girl. In the first two years of her life, she developed normally and was a happy child. However, soon after her second birthday, a terrible accident occurred that changed Ana’s life. While on vacation with her parents, Ana fell […]

Violin Playing

Intellectual Excellence: Music Appreciation 11/7/2014

The steps for carrying out a successful Listening Program Step One Choose your favorite composer. It is always a good idea to start with your favorites when you are teaching your child. Your natural love for what you are presenting will naturally carry over into your child’s own taste. When you are comfortable executing the Listening […]

The Foundation for Success 11/7/2014 1

35 years ago, Elane Scott attended our early development parenting course, How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence.  35 years later, Elane’s daughter and son-in-law attended the same course and learned how to give their child a strong foundation. Mother’s comments about her experience: “That one week at the How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course, […]

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Cerebral Palsy Success Story: Aaron 11/5/2014

Aaron was delivered prematurely by emergency cesarean section. He was not breathing and needed the help of a respirator to survive his first day. He weighed less than four pounds. At four months of age, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Before his first birthday, Aaron had his first seizure and was started on anti-convulsant […]

Aaron and his family make the best team

Latest Press Release 10/31/2014

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential Launches The Pathway to Wellness: A New Online Community for Parents of Children with Special Needs The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, announced today the launch of The Pathway to Wellness, a new online resource and community for parents of children […]

Hydrocephaly and Hyperactivity: The Story of Twins 10/30/2014 1

Yoshiki and Yuuki holding their personal donation to The Founder’s Fund. They were the first contributors to The Founder’s Fund when it was created to celebrate Glenn Doman’s 90th birthday. Yoshiki and Yuuki were born ten years ago but these twins could not be more different. They were born two months premature and they were […]

Yoshiki & Yuuki Holding Donation