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Myths About Reading

Myth # 1 Children who learn to read before they go to school will be bored when they go to school This is not a myth. Children who learn to read before they go to school will be bored when they go to school. But so will the kids who […]

Diagnosis: Autism, Prognosis: Poor, End Result: Excellent

Yuya gets a fighting chance and he takes it.   When Yuya was a baby he was very quiet and developed at a slow rate. As a toddler, he could walk but he could not talk. When he finally did begin to speak, he only imitated what others said to […]



Near-Drowning and Coma

  Functionally blind, deaf and paralyzed, brilliant Caelum battles his way back. Caelum today reading about a topic of interest   Caelum was born a well child. During the first year of his life, he developed like other babies. He started to walk and talk, just as he should. Then, […]

Intellectual Excellence: Music Appreciation

The steps for carrying out a successful Listening Program Step One Choose your favorite composer. It is always a good idea to start with your favorites when you are teaching your child. Your natural love for what you are presenting will naturally carry over into your child’s own taste. When you […]

Violin Playing


Let’s Get Physical

Winter is over now – it is time to get out – and get physical again. There are wonderful physical activities that families can enjoy doing together all year round, but in the temperate climates each season is quite different. The change in weather and temperature offers different opportunities for physical challenges […]

Developmental Delay Success Story

“Tae will never be like the average child”  – they were right she is much better!   Here Tae is fighting the good fight and getting better every day Tae did not have the easiest start to life. During the pregnancy, there was a threat of miscarriage in the sixth […]