Teaching My Child Music

Teaching my child music was fun for both parent and child

Ever since I found out about The Institutes, I thought of how their philosophy was so close to what I always thought about tiny kids and learning. As a musician, I focus my teaching on music. At first, I used the books and the web material and then I attended the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. The amount of ideas I got from the course and the alumni forum (to which I enrolled soon after) has been great. I cannot even handle all of it.

The approach suggests following the natural attitude and enjoyment of the kid. At the same time the child receives high-level knowledge, which is usually learned much later with effort.

The days I spend at home with my son using this program are much better organized than the ones I have without it. We have plenty of music games to do throughout the day. In addition, when we follow the program effectively my son looks satisfied and he behaves well. My own music knowledge is growing as well. Even the household runs more smoothly throughout the day. When my kids will be grown up, I’ll be back to work. Meanwhile, I’m sure I’ll greatly benefit from this experience too.

By Elisa, Italy