Five Swimming Tips for Your Baby

Swimming Tips For Baby

Douglas Doman, Author of How To Teach Your Baby To Swim, Offers Five Tips For Parents


Start as Young as Possible.

It is much, much easier to teach a new born to swim than a one-year-old. It is much easier to teach a one-year-old to swim than a two-year-old. It is easier to teach a two-year-old than a three-year-old to swim. The younger the child is the better. Do not wait to start. This is the most important of our swimming tips for baby.

Opportunity is key.

Opportunity is everything when it comes to success in swimming. In places like southern California and Florida one can swim 365 days a year. Babies who live there will swim easily and quickly because they can swim daily. For babies in places like Philadelphia, London and Tokyo there is much less opportunity. Once you decide to teach your baby to swim decide to swim as many days a week as possible. At least four would be great. But one is better than none.

Temperature is Important.

How many of us remember swimming in freezing water and really disliking it? We always put babies in water that is totally comfortable. Make sure you are comfortable in the water first. If there is no shock for you, it should be good for your baby. This way baby immediately enjoys being in the water. We want them to associate the water with joy, with pleasure and with enthusiasm. This is one of the most important swimming tips for baby as the first impression is critical.

Set an Example.

A baby that watches his older sister playing in the water will immediately be hooked. A two-year-old seeing her older brother standing on his hands in the water will want to join him. Even watching old dad do laps will do the trick. If the whole family loves to swim the baby will love it too.

Read How to Teach Your Baby To Swim.

The book covers swimming from birth to six. It starts with swimming with the baby in the bath. It finishes with aerobic swimming for children who are accomplished in freestyle swimming. Get the waterproof lessons that cover from birth to six. They are designed to use in the water when you are teaching your baby. Have a great time!

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