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I attended the How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course in October 2008 when my son was 5.5 months old and my husband attended the following spring in 2009. The course was really life-changing. I will never look at my children (or parents) the same way again. I learned so much about how to learn and teach which was fascinating and enlightening. The week I spent at The Institutes was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I was impressed at how organized, academic, well thought out and professional the course was. That includes absolutely everything, from the teaching methods and timing of breaks, to the live demonstrations by children and parents to the nutritious meals we were served.It was also wonderful to meet other like-minded parents that have become an important part of my support network. We do not do all of the programs we have learned as both of us run our own business. But the results have still been fantastic. Given my work is most flexible, I make sure that I spend mornings teaching my children.

My son has an extraordinary vocabulary at age of 3. He is very physically capable. He has started playing violin via the Suzuki method. He is very good with his words, numbers and Bits of Intelligence. We walked into the library the other day, my son pointed at a picture on the wall and said:” Hey mom, there is a Model T Ford!” I had to go over and check and he was indeed right!

The first thing I did with my son when I returned from the course was to put him to sleep on his front. The paranoia and misinformation surrounding the dangers of putting your baby to sleep on their tummy is alarming.  When I gave birth to my daughter, I put her to sleep on her tummy from day 1. As a result of being placed on her front from day 1, not only did my daughter digest her milk better and sleep better, she pushed herself up, rolled over (age 6 weeks), sat unassisted and was able to creep far sooner than even my son did.

I also started her swimming earlier at 3 months of age and she is now at 1 year of age, swimming at the level my son was at age 2 (swimming underwater for 3-4 feet to the edge, coming to the surface and grabbing hold of the edge, blowing bubbles in the water, doing monkey hands along the edge of the pool to get from one end to the other, turning and swimming a couple of feet to me and diving in from a seated position on the edge).

I can’t recommend the How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course enough and the follow-up Graduate Course for that matter, too.

Susan T, London, UK

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