The World Organization for Human Potential 2019

We celebrate our 64th birthday

After a tame winter, spring finally arrived to welcome the 64th Annual World Organization for Human Potential, held May 8-10 on The Institutes campus.

The speakers included members from Brasil, Dubai, Japan, Mexico and the United States. The scientists and educators included child brain developmentalists, chiropractors, dentists, teachers, and physicians.


Dr. Denise Malkowicz, President of the World Organization for Human Potential

On Wednesday, May 8, Dr. Denise Malkowicz, President of The World Organization for Human Potential and our Medical Director, opened the meetings by reflecting on world events of the last 64 years. She concluded that wherever the next 64 years takes us, the caring spirit of our parents would make the difference for all children.


Dr. Mihai Dimancescu, President of The International Academy for Child Brain Development

Dr. Mihai Dimancescu, president of The International Academy for Child Brain Development, then welcomed the guests and presented the history of the gene and the long road of discovery and its application to science.

In a presentation from our archives, Glenn Doman, the founder of The Institutes provided an overview of the perils of symptomatic treatment versus the advantages of treating the brain where the injury actually lies.

It is customary that The Academy of Child Brain Development reports on our work around the world. This year there were reports from Brasil, Mexico, Dubai, and the United States.


Leia Coelho Reilly, Director of The Institute for Physical Excellence gives the report on Brasil

In the report from Brasil we learned about new courses being developed for presentation in Brasilia and Belem and the progress of our beautiful new facility there. The updated Reading book and Math book have just been newly translated and published in Brasil. “What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child” and “How Smart is Your Baby? are in the works for publication this year.


Elisa Guerra reporting on Latin America

In our report from Latin America, Elisa Guerra detailed our work in Colombia, Mexico, and Bolivia. She also outlined our progress with Prospera, a governmental program in Mexico. Government officials there asked for our help to design an effective home reading program that would work for the more 7 million extremely poor children. Our program has been piloted and the results are already impressive.


Shamail Siddiqi, with Susan Aisen and Janet Doman. He established the Mastermind School in Dubai

Shamail Siddiqi gave the report from Dubai. He reported on the development and expansion of The Masterminds School in Dubai which follows a curriculum based upon the work of The Institutes. The School is a state-of-the-art facility getting wonderful results which is expanding rapidly.

Janet Doman, Director of The Institutes, gave an update on The Institutes and the development of new programs for hurt and well children. She also presented current and future projects aimed at securing the growth and prosperity of The Institutes and The Better Baby Press.

On Wednesday evening members and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Leland Green, the Medical Director of The Institutes, and the past President of The World Organization for Human Potential for many years and, of course, our dear friend.


Dr. Jose Luis Diaz

On Thursday we welcomed back three speakers who are old friends of The Institutes. Dr. Jose Luis Diaz, a general practitioner and professor for post-graduate doctors in the National School of Medicine in Mexico, and medical speaker in Europe, United States and Latin America. He spoke about his work with Hyperbaric Oxygen and Stem Cell Therapy with children.

Dr. Patrick James Baggot returned with yet another study of our children. Dr. Baggot practices obstetrics and gynecology at Guadalupe Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. At his last World Organization Meeting presentation two years ago he focused on children with Trisomy 21. At this year’s meetings he reviewed his study of children on The Institutes program who are injured in the midbrain, the subcortical areas of the brain.


Dr. Masato Shibuya shows the careful process of teaching his students about cardiology following The Institutes principles.

We also welcomed Dr. Masato Shibuya. For more than three decades, Dr. Shibuya has been revolutionizing how physiology is taught to medical students and to undergraduates. He has done this by using the teaching philosophy and techniques of The Institutes. He founded The Physiology Education Sharing Group. This organization has produced books and materials based on the educational concepts of The Institutes.


The kitchen staff make a traditional tea


Rumiko Ion Doman welcomes back

Former Student in the School For Human Development, John Danzeisen

After a beautiful afternoon English tea, The beloved Friends and Family Concert followed, which featured staff and student performances. The program included vocals, a violin and cello duet, piano, guitar and the traditional sing-along at the end.


Priscilla and Joshua Allman play a medley of lovely songs

It is always a very beautiful time for all of us where we relax and enjoy being together, celebrating our birthday, and really having a chance to exhale after we have come to the end of another challenging year.


Dr. Tim O’Shea author of “Vaccination is not Immunization”

On Friday, Dr. Tim O’Shea returned to speak on the history of vaccination. His talk centered on detailed scientific data to provide a deeper understanding of the importance of natural immunity and risks and limitations of vaccines. Dr. O’Shea’s presentation evoked lengthy and lively discussion.


Dr. Gerald Smith: “The cure can only come from treating the whole patient and correcting the underlying etiology

Dr. Gerald Smith is recognized internationally as an authority on craniomandibular somatic disorders with a focus on resolving chronic pain. His new book, “Remove the Splinters and Watch the Body Heal” was the subject of his presentation.

The meetings ended with the presentation of the “Major Victories Achieved by Brain-Injured Children from 1998-2018”.

In the evening, the members attended The Chairman’s Reception honoring our past President, Leland Green. The Annual Awards Ceremony followed. This ceremony affords the opportunity for The Institutes, The Academy, and The World Organization to recognize excellence.


The Brasilian Gold Medal: 2019 Recipients Yvette Martin and David Benner


The Raymundo Veras Medal: 2019 Recipients: Jennifer Canepa and Kathie Knell


The Leonardo Da Vinci Award: 2019 Recipient Rumiko Ion Doman


The Spectrum Award: 2019 Recipient Dr. Jose Luis Diaz


The Founders Award: 2019 Recipient Lourdes Veras Norton


The Recipients Award: 2019 Dr. Tim O’Shea

Our Formal Dinner is the final event of the Meetings. Our members and guests have a chance to enjoy our beautiful campus and a delicious dinner but most of all the company of extraordinary people who have given their lives to help our children.

It is a bittersweet moment when the evening comes to an end and we bid farewell to our guests. But, we are strengthened by the knowledge that has been gained at the meetings and reinvigorated to fight the good fight to save our children.

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