Tokyo University Medical School Presentation

Brain Injured Kids, Adults Presentation

The Institutes has been pioneering in the area of brain-injured kids, adults for over 60 years and whenever we get the opportunity to share our success in the field, we do! We recently had the honor of attending a Tokyo University Medical School Presentation. We always welcome such occasions to spread our knowledge with peers in the worldwide community.

Brain Injured Kids, Adults

Professor Kobayashi Dir. Dept Public Health, Tokyo University, Janet Doman, Dir. The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Dr. Itoh, Project Researcher, Dept. Public Health, Toyko Univ. Dr. Itoh translated the presentation

This week The Staff of The Institutes accepted the invitation of Tokyo University to teach physicians in the Department of Public Health of the Graduate School of Medicine about the work of The Institutes.  “It was both and honor and a pleasure to do so,” commented Janet Doman, the Director of The Institutes, who gave the presentation.

As staff entered the campus through the famous Red Gate they were reminded that Tokyo University is one of the most respected universities in the world. Dr. Mitsuko Itoh, a pediatrician at Tokyo University Hospital and long time friend of The Institutes, is a researcher at the Department of Public Health. She helped to arrange the lecture which was sponsored by the Department of Public Health of the Graduate School of Medicine. Professor Kobayashi, the Director, introduced Janet Doman who spoke about the 60-year history of search and discovery at The Institutes starting with the work of Dr. Temple Fay and Glenn Doman in the 40s and 50s and ending with a study of the results of treatment of 3,000 brain-injured children conducted between 1998 and 2015. 

Brain Injured Kids, Adults

Tokyo University physicians and graduate students interested in brain-injured children come to learn more about what can be done to help them.

Brain Injured Kids, Adults & How To Overcome These Challenges

“It is all about stimulation and opportunity and honoring the dynamics of frequency, intensity and duration that insure brain growth and development,” said Janet Doman.  The presentation was followed by questions which covered nutrition, the use of oxygen enrichment to enhance brain growth, the treatment of adult stroke patients, and deafness in brain-injured children and adults. At the conclusion of the event, many attendees stayed to ask even more questions of the staff. 

Janet Doman concluded, “It was a pleasure to teach top-flight physicians and medical students in a beautiful setting such as the Ito International Research Center of Tokyo University. I hope this will be the first of many such opportunities. These opinion-leading physicians can do a great deal to improve the quality of the lives of brain-injured children in Japan.”

Minako Nakamura, a reporter from the Mainichi Newspaper was also in attendance and wrote an article that appeared in The Mainichi Digital News the following day.

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