A Thank You Letter

Mother teaches Eneyclopedic Knowledge

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program and materials you offer. There are three things I have learned from reading your books and watching your videos: 1) teaching is about giving information freely, lovingly, and without expectation; 2) my child has a natural desire to learn that far, far exceeds what traditional educational systems will have one believe; and 3) stopping a lesson before a child wants to stop ensures that he will be left thirsting for more.These lessons have reaped tremendous results. I have been applying your encyclopedic knowledge principles by making flashcards on different subjects. My son, at 2 ½ years old, can name 28 composers on sight, and identify the music of 17 of them on his own just by listening. He can also tell you when a cello is playing and when a French horn takes the stage. He will tell you that he doesn’t care for Robert Schumann, but that he loves Aaron Copeland and Dmitri Shostakovich. He can identify and distinguish an octagon from a hexagon, in addition to the more basic shapes. He can name all the planets in our solar system, and also share that he likes Jupiter the best, and that it is the largest planet. His vocabulary rivals that of some fourth graders – he easily uses words like “marvelous,” “oscillate,” and “oxidize” correctly when discussing ideas and concepts. We just received the Great Art Masterpiece cards and already he wants to draw a picture “like Van Gogh” using vibrant colors.

My son loves to learn, and we create so many fun games with our materials. (We play composer “bingo”. I laminated pictures of the planets so he can stick them to the bathtub walls.)  Your program provides a unique opportunity to connect in a particularly loving and nurturing way that also allows me as a mother to remain stimulated and challenged. I can honestly say that I am never bored and that I have learned many new things as we go through this journey together.

It is worth mentioning that teaching my son in this manner has not been without obstacle. Just as some people feared that teaching him “baby signs” to communicate in infancy would delay his speech development (which it clearly did not), well-meaning relatives and friends now caution that I am “pushing” my son too hard. We have also been warned that he will be bored in school because he will know too much. (How sad that we would need to protect our children from learning too much!) Our son is clearly happy, joyful, creative, engaged, and well-adjusted. He cuddles and runs and plays as any child would. He loves to show off how high he can jump, how he can cross the monkey bars, and how far he can throw a ball (very far). He makes forts with the sofa cushions (although he might bring a picture of Mozart with him) and takes pleasure in gazing at the moon. I find that the dissenting voices can be wearisome, but my child’s delight with each new card – of colors, planets, insects, art, marine life and flora – reaffirm that we are doing the right thing.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your program and materials. My daily joy in seeing my child flourish cannot be articulated in words.

By K.G., Massachusetts

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