Storytelling With Your Child

Child Storytelling – Encourages Creative Thinking

The following continues our series of questions commonly asked by mothers teaching their children to write. Child storytelling is a very important area to encourage in your child; in fact, any area of creative expression will benefit your children’s growth in a myriad of ways.

Q: My two-year-old, Adam, loves to tell stories but is not yet interested in manual writing. Do you have any suggestions?

child storytelling

A: Yes, you write while he talks! Creative thinking, through organization and self-expression is vital for good writing. Adam is advancing his writing ability greatly by working out stories and will greatly appreciate seeing them written out for him.

Obviously, his ability to speak is more advanced than his ability to manually write at this stage and he could use a good secretary-you! His manual ability will catch up and he’ll be far more fluent for your having assisted him now rather than waiting for his own visual convergence and fine motor coordination to develop.

Child Storytelling – Make Homemade Books

In this way, Adam never need lose his enthusiasm for creative self-expression but can continually develop it. Making Adam’s own stories into homemade books for his reading program, complete with illustrations, should make him very proud.

Any encouragement a child receives enhances his creative self-expression to grow – this will provide many benefits for growth in other areas.

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