Shakira Is Teaching Her Baby To Read And He Loves It 4/29/2015

Shakira With Family

Fifty years ago Glenn Doman wrote How to Teach Your Baby to Read. When Random House published the book there were basically two reactions: “This is a brilliant and wonderful idea” or “What planet did this man fly in from?”

And so it has been for 5 decades. Millions of mothers have read the book and used it to teach their babies to read. There are probably hundreds of thousands of Teach Your Baby To Read babies around the world.

But none more well known or beloved right now than little Milan. Milan and his devoted mother have joined the gentle revolution and they are working hard to see to it that everyone is invited to the party.

Shakira Video

Reading together–love these #mommymoments. Share yours! Leyendo juntos. Compartan sus momentos! Shak

Posted by Shakira on Thursday, March 12, 2015

Imagine what happens when the world’s most popular singer decides to teach her baby to read and is wise enough to understand what would happen if every baby had the same opportunity.

The result could be spectacular.

This week Shakira has begun posting our How To Teach Your Baby To Read tips on her Facebook page, her Twitter and front and center on her homepage.

Shakira facebook post

Shakira twitter post

We all wake up to our daily dose of depression when we open up the newspaper or turn on the radio. All over the world parents are finding out right now, at this moment, that life can be better for their baby. For pennies a day they can teach their baby to read and this single act can change everything.

Glenn Close Up

As Glenn wrote more than fifty years ago:

“Little children have begun to read and thus to increase their knowledge, and if this book leads to only one child reading sooner and better, then it will have been worth the effort. Who can say what another superior child will mean to the world? Who is to say what, in the end, will be the sum total of good for man as a result of this quiet groundswell which has already begun, this gentle revolution.”

Welcome to the Gentle Revolution Shakira. 

Your kindness and your generous spirit will help thousands of mothers and fathers and little children around the world. Like the cavalry in the old movies of the west you may have arrived just in time to save the day. Let’s hope so and more than that – together let’s make it happen.

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