Here’s what some parents are saying about The Pathway To Wellness

Pathway to Wellness Helps Brain Injured Children

The Pathway to Wellness Course offered by The Institutes is a program designed to set brain injured or hurt children on a pathway to wellness. Each child is an individual with his or her unique issues but all of them are helped to achieve optimal wellness for them.

The Pathway To Wellness Helps Parents Be Better Parents

Father, The United States

“Great job on the layout of the site. It’s clear and easy to navigate.

Excellent content. Loved the short direct video segments.”

Mother, Ireland

“I love it.”

“For parents of brain injured kids it is such a great starting point.  It should be enough for them to start a program themselves, but also convince them to attend lectures. The clarity of the information is excellent, and I found the site very easy to navigate through. Although this was not one of your objectives, for mums like me it is like a refresher course. As I watched the video clips I found myself saying “oh yeah, I forgot why we did that.”

Mother, South Africa

“Physiology – I absolutely LOVE this info.”

Father, Japan, also an Institutes program Graduate

“This is well designed and programmed. The contents are massive and good enough even for me as a man who graduated from the Institutes’ programs to see and read again and again. I truly hope this on-line PTW will lead so many parents to the Institutes, make them interested in the Institutes’ programs and help brain-injured children.”

Parents, Lithuania

“The Introduction to The Pathway to Wellness is perfect.”

Mother, Mexico

“The Pathway is a great tool for us parents. It gives you very clear and valuable information about The Institutes, what is brain-injury, the program amongst others. It clarifies where to start and what to do to start the pathway to wellness.”

Parents, Spain

“Wow!!!!!! As you said in a lecture I have just listened to.  Congratulations for this work. It is fantastic. Excellent work, really. I can tell you that I have learned things yesterday and today listening to you and the rest of members. It has been very interesting for me and I can imagine that it has to be more interesting for parents who don’t know as much as I know about you.”

To learn more about The Pathway To Wellness and the programs of The Institutes, please view the free trial version of our Online Course.

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