Near-Drowning and Coma

Brain Injury From Near-Drowning and Coma


Functionally blind, deaf and paralyzed, brilliant Caelum battles his way back.


Caelum today reading about a topic of interest

Caelum was born a well child. During the first year of his life, he developed like other babies. He started to walk and talk, just as he should. Then, when Caelum was 17 months old, his parents experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. Caelum fell into the pool and nearly drowned. He suffered a cardiac arrest and needed to be resuscitated. Caelum survived the near-drowning, but the consequences were dire. He was unable to see, to hear, or to move. The brain injury – near drowning and coma had taken their toll.

Parents were told Caelum would never become well and they should place him in an institution.

Doctors diagnosed him with severe brain damage, mental deficiency and quadriplegia. He was determined to be in a persistent vegetative state. Parents were told that Caelum could never become well, and they should place him in an institution.

Parents learned about the work of Glenn Doman and The Institutes, and immediately attended the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course. They brought Caelum for an appointment at The Institutes immediately afterward.


Parent started immediately with a home program – and Caelum loved it.

Caelum is no longer blind, deaf and paralyzed.

Caelum has come a long way since starting the program. He is no longer, blind, no longer deaf, and no longer paralyzed – and he lives at home with his family, not the institution recommended by his doctors.

Caelum Overcomes Symptoms of Brain Injury From Near-Drowning and Coma

Today, with his parents’ support, Caelum can communicate using a letter board or a computer keyboard. Far from being mentally deficient, Caelum is a brilliant boy with a lot to say for himself. Caelum has written about his experience on The Institutes Program so that other children and parents can benefit from his experience.


Caelum uses a simple letter board to express his ideas.

“I am Caelum and I am 9 years old, almost 10. I have been on the program at The Institutes for almost 8 years. When I first began the program, I was unable to do anything. I sustained an accident at the age of 17 months that left me totally without any function. I was constantly fighting to survive!”

“My brain began to forge new pathways for functions I had previously lost.”

“Not only was I blind, but totally paralyzed, unable to speak, eat, drink, or feel any physical sensations! I came to The Institutes approximately 9 months after my accident. I began the Intensive Treatment Program with my family.”

“Within the first 3 months, I began to see, to hear, and started to learn how to move. Meaning that my program was helping to provide hundreds of opportunities for my brain to begin to forge new pathways for functions I had previously lost.”


Caelum started to crawl around the house. Now he could move!



“Worth every moment?”


“My family and The Institutes have changed my future forever! I am now able to access information at an outstanding rate, comprehending subjects far above my typical aged peers.”


Caelum learned about very sophisticated subjects with Bits of Intelligence.

“I eat normally, I see, I hear, and for the first time in my renewed life, I defy gravity to creep independently to go wherever I like, only now as a precursor to my ability to walk.”


Caelum is learning to creep on the program.

“The program has not only changed my life but that of my entire family. It has brought us closer together, provided creative expressions of talent in my older siblings (of which there are 5!), with each member of the family staying true to the big picture for me! Without Glenn Doman, I would likely be so hurt still, with little to no hope of becoming well or excellent.”


Caelum has touched everyone who knows him

Caelum still has a way to go to reach his ultimate goal, but he has come so far that he will not give up and neither will his family. Caelum’s life could have become a tragedy. Instead he and his family have rewritten the script to be a joyous journey of exploration and discovery. Caelum has touched everyone who knows him with his intelligence and his goodness. Caelum has overcome his original diagnosis of brain injury – near drowning and coma with flying colors!

We salute you, Caelum, and your extraordinary family.

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