Dx Global Developmental Delay, Mental Deficiency & Autism: Matthew Success Story

Could Matthew ever lead a normal life?

Our nightmare began in the specialist’s office

“Matthew had a horrendous start to life while still in utero and due to various complications was delivered via caesarian section at 33 weeks with his twin brother, Simon – they remained in the neonatal unit for 7 weeks.”

Matthew as a baby was late hitting his developmental milestones. He did not walk until he was 18 months of age, he spoke very few words and drooled. I did not realize that Matthew had a problem until I sent him to daycare at the age of two and a half and began, as most of us mothers do, to compare him with other children of the same age.

“I realized how different he was.”

“I immediately made an appointment with a developmental pediatrician and was given the devastating diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay. At that moment I knew that all prospects of Matthew leading a normal life were gone.”

“I cried all the way home.”

“Never one to concede defeat, I scoured the internet for a possible treatment and stumbled across The Institutes website.”

“At once I enrolled in the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course and knew I had found the treatment plan to combat Matthew’s problems.”

“The greatest thing I learned from doing the course was that the brain, given enough stimulation, could indeed change and most importantly grow. This was a huge revelation as it was contrary to everything we had been told about the brain. Brain plasticity was thriving at The Institutes.”

When mother began a program, based upon what she had learned in the course, Matthew was speaking in single words, he could walk but preferred to be carried, his overall development was 40% of what it should have been.

By his first appointment at The Institutes, at age four Matthew had begun speaking in sentences, he could run 100 meters non-stop, and his health had improved.

His language exploded

Six months later, Matthew was following multiple step instructions, and he was reading well above of his peers. His language had exploded, from 100 words to more than a thousand, including long sentences and storytelling. He was running ½ mile non-stop each day and brachiating independently on an overhead ladder. He had been in perfect health for six months.

Before his sixth birthday, Matthew was reading library books; understanding “everything”; from just single words of speech two years ago, he now had the conversational speech of a three-year-old and he was expanding his vocabulary daily and running one kilometer non-stop.

Thanks to his Mother’s teaching, he has gained general knowledge on a wide variety of topics. He was well ahead of his peers. And best of all, everyday Matthew, and his twin, Simon, were enjoying everything they did with their best teacher and coach – mother.

Mathew’s general knowledge is now above his peers

Matthew and his twin recently celebrated their sixth birthday. Matthew’s speech is now equal to his age in content, while his general knowledge continues to expand well above his peers. Matthew is a superstar at brachiation-going forwards, backwards, and twisting on an overhead ladder. He is running 3 kilometers, hopping at his age level, and beginning gymnastics. There is no stopping Matthew, or Simon, now!

A word to all parents given this diagnosis – do not despair and be discouraged by your child’s diagnosis, I know this is easier said than done.  Get to work! Enroll in the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course and begin your child’s transformation by growing his brain.”

“I wasted so much time on conventional therapies (speech and occupational) that did nothing to improve Matthew’s symptoms. Our children have enormous potential, and The Institutes with their knowledgeable staff will help and guide you to unlock this potential.”

“Our nightmare finally ended when I walked through the doors of The Institutes”

“The nightmare may have begun in the specialist’s office, but finally ended when I walked through the doors of The Institutes and knew I had found the answer to Matthew’s developmental difficulties. Matthew’s life that once looked so bleak has become ever so promising.”



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