A Life-Changing Week

A life-changing week, Early Childhood Development and Education at IAHP

“I have a master’s degree in education, but what is taught at The Institutes is unique, useful, and life-changing. The program empowers parents by giving them the tools to teach children at an early age.”

I first read Glenn Doman’s book How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence after a friend recommended it.

Then I eagerly enrolled in the course with the support of my husband, James. The young students at The Institutes were so incredible: enthusiastic and talented. As a parent, I learned so much by taking the course. I have a master’s degree in education, but what is taught at The Institutes is unique, useful, and life changing. The program empowers parents by giving them the tools to teach children at an early age.

Our daughter was two years old when I took the course.

At the age of 20, she has graduated with a major in psychology and a minor in communications. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and has begun a master’s degree program in counseling on a full scholarship. She assists two professors with their research and leads seminars on positive mental health skills in the public schools. Our son is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. Both of our children have been exceptional students throughout their school years. Learning has come easy to them, and I am convinced that it is due to the early learning program we enjoyed together.

After seeing The Institutes children perform The Mikado eighteen years ago, I went home overwhelmed at what I had seen, but determined to bring creativity and intellectual pursuits into our daily life. By about age five our daughter had learned all the songs of The Mikado using homemade cards and practicing together. Inspired by seeing The Institutes children perform gymnastics, I also began this program with her, and she excelled in gymnastics and dance.

Amazed by watching The Institutes parents and children play beautiful classical music through a Suzuki violin program, I enrolled myself, and then our daughter in a Suzuki violin program. I played for about a year, but she played for about ten years in a regional youth orchestra. She also started playing the piano at age five and played the clarinet and then the French horn in the elementary school band.

Our son also benefited from the early learning program. At school, he played Marc Anthony in Julius Caesar and Clark in a musical about Lewis and Clark. His ability to memorize astounds to me. To learn his part for Julius Caesar, he would listen to a tape that we had made together. He had both his part and mine memorized in a matter of days. Again, this was a testament to his excellent capacity for learning, thanks to the reading and enrichment programs he received at a young age.

Our son started taking piano lessons at age nine and has been playing jazz and blues for over three years. He has also played the clarinet for the last five years. Occasionally, our children have shared their music by entertaining senior citizens at nursing homes.

Over the years our children have accomplished so much; I always kept in my mind the image that Glenn Doman painted of our children standing on our shoulders and far surpassing us. We allowed them to try different activities and pursue what they enjoyed. This has included singing, dancing, acting, skiing, swimming, tennis, biking, and Tae Kwon Do, in which our son is about to test for his black belt. He is also a member of the school chess club and is interested in designing computer games.

My husband and I believe in giving children as many opportunities as possible, and fortunately we have been able to provide them. Our daughter spent her last semester of college in Rome, studying Italian, art history, and anthropology, and enjoying the culture and sights.  Last year she and I traveled together on two separate tours to China and Greece, and as a family we have traveled to Alaska, Europe, Asia and South America. Understanding cultures and history is an important part of being a citizen of the world.

Both children have good friends and are good people. I believe that having interests and talents will promote self-confidence and help them adapt and make good choices. The Institutes teaches promoting social grace as well as intellectual pursuits from an early age, which produces good citizens.

I thank The Institutes staff for imparting all of their exceptional knowledge and caring. The children I saw and met at The Institutes were an inspirational prototype for what can be achieved. The skills I learned for teaching the very young helped mold my children into multi-talented individuals. I appreciate all of The Institutes work with parents and children in this gentle revolution.

By Marilyn C., New Jersey

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