Cerebral Palsy Success Story: Aaron 11/5/2014

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

Aaron was delivered prematurely by emergency cesarean section. He was not breathing and needed the help of a respirator to survive his first day. He weighed less than four pounds.

At four months of age, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Before his first birthday, Aaron had his first seizure and was started on anti-convulsant medication.

Before his second birthday, Aaron had already been hospitalized for pneumonia twice, and a tube was inserted for his feeding.

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

At the hospital, Aaron’s parents heard of the work of The Institutes and shortly afterwards attended the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course.

At two years of age, Aaron was partially blind, he did not respond to loud sounds nor did he feel pain. He was unable to move, and he was speechless. Within a year of his home treatment program, Aaron no longer took medication for seizures, and no longer needed to be tube fed. He began to creep on his hands and knees. After two years, Aaron was beginning to speak and walk.

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

Today, at seven years of age, reads well above his age level, and understands and speaks in three languages. He is walking close to a kilometer every day, and he is beginning to write. As Aaron says, he is very grateful to his Mom, Dad, and three older brothers for all their help and encouragement so he can be where he is today… and, where he will be tomorrow.

Cerebral Palsy Success Story

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