Cerebral Palsy: A Story of Hope and Love in Malaysia

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One little girl proves that brothers and sisters are a powerful force to help save the lives of brain-injured children and help with cerebral palsy treatment.

Parents of brain-injured children are often asked whether they have enough time for their well children. There is an almost universal assumption when a family makes the decision to give their hurt child a fighting chance to be well that the well children in the family will automatically suffer neglect.

On the other hand, if we do nothing to save the brain-injured child and he is left to languish while brother and sister march on with their lives, there is little doubt that his very existence will cause a gigantic problem for his well brother and his well sister. For they must ask themselves every morning when they wake up and every night when they go to sleep, “Why do I have a life and my brother or sister does not?”

Why indeed.

Brothers and sisters get to jump in the swimming pool every day and pull their hurt brother or sister out.

But if we set about to save the brain-injured child, we enlist the help of brother and sister. Now they are a part of a real team working to give their brother or sister a fighting chance to have a real life. They get to jump in the swimming pool every day and pull their brother or sister out. They are the only kids on their block who have this stellar opportunity to grow up every day. Their brother’s victories are their victories; their sister’s frustrations are their frustrations. The family is a team saving the life of a family member. Win or lose, they are fighting the good fight to find a solution. This, and only this, is their salvation.

During the last six decades, we have seen the brothers and sisters of our brain-injured kids jump in to help their hurt siblings over and over again – this is the best cerebral palsy treatment you could ask for.

The baby will never see, never hear, never walk, or never talk.

For evidence of this, we do not need to look farther than Leah. She might be only six years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing everything she can to help her younger sister, Adele. Adele was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain injury, and when she was a baby their neurologist told her parents that Adele would never see, never hear, never walk, or never talk.


Leah takes her job seriously–she studies books and materials to learn about her sister’s problems and program.

From day one, little Leah was part of the team.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment – We Have Options For You

Parents found out about The Institutes work with brain-injured children, and came to attend the “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” Course. They returned home to start a home treatment program with Adele. From day one, little Leah was part of the team. Leah participates in the program at home, has her own special responsibilities, and always attends Adele’s appointments at The Institutes.


Adele is on the floor to learn to crawl – and Leah is right there by her side.

Although still young, Leah is an accomplished baker, and creates delicious cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries. She also enjoys decorating. Leah uses her culinary skills to help raise money for Adele’s program and her biannual trips to Philadelphia for her appointments. This makes her an essential part of Adele’s pathway to wellness, and allows her to pursue her own interests.

“I want to raise funds to help my sister.”

Leah knows her purpose in life. She says, “Adele needs to go to America for treatment at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential so she will improve, for example in crawling. I want to raise funds to help my sister.”


Cupcakes Extraordinaire: When it comes to baking, Leah is an expert and an artist.

Leah has managed to raise thousands of dollars for her sister by selling cupcakes. Her cause has attracted international attention. She not only raises money to help her sister, but has also raised money for the Food Aid Foundation. The foundation named her their youngest ambassador in history. Because of her cause to help others, she was nominated last year for the Young Changemakers Award.


Leah receives recognition for the wonderful things she does.

Through her mission and dedication to her sister and family, Leah has gained fans around the world. Her Facebook page, appropriately named Chef Leah with a Big Heart, already has over 4,600 Facebook fans around the world who support her efforts.

Today Adele can see, hear, and read; now she is beginning to speak and move as well.

And as for little Adele she has already proved many predictions wrong. She can see and hear very well. Today she reads and understands well above her age level. Parents and Leah have provided plenty of stimulation and opportunity for Adele. She has learned to read and do mathematics using The Institutes Reading and Math Programs. It is now clear to everyone that Adele, like her sister, is highly intelligent. She has also started to speak and has some couplets and phrases. She has started to crawl now too.


Their finest hour–the family that works together wins together.

Leah is a special person. She is fabulous older sister but she’s not alone. Over the years, we have met thousands of brothers and sisters of brain-injured children. These children are some of the kindest, most generous, dedicated, and hardworking people that this world has ever seen. They make the world a better place every day. We often feature the great accomplishments of brain-injured children on our program, but behind every child there is a loving, dedicated family, and very often a brother or a sister helping every step along the way. Leah and her family represent these wonderful families – and they prove cerebral palsy treatment programs work wonders with a dedicated family behind it.

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