Why do we stop at 12 x 12 when we teach kids multiplication?

In India, people are known to be very skilled in mathematics.  The idea of “zero” was first conceived by an Indian mathematician “Aryabhatta”.  Indian people have dominated the world of commerce for centuries in the west of India.

A few years ago one of my colleagues told me a story about an Indian teenager who came to the United States.  In the math class, the multiplication of two digit numbers had been taught.  This young star could not resist telling to his classmates that he knew the answer immediately instead of going through a tedious formula.  He told his friends that in India the multiplication table included 30 x 30 and therefore, he could recite it easily.  After this occurred his classmates began calling him a genius.

Why do we stop teaching the multiplication after 12 x 12?

For young children it is very easy to memorize facts.  In most countries in Europe and Asia, the multiplication table of 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 is commonly taught.  But in India some schools extend the multiplication table up to 100 x 100.  When I inquired of several Indian parents about this, they said that the multiplication table went up to 30 x 30 because paper is very expensive in India!

Can you believe it?

Since then, I have suggested that parents extent the multiplication table up to 30 x 30 for their children. Many of these children had failed repeatedly in mathematics.  I reasoned it would be easy for them to memorize these simple facts. Most of them got the idea and succeeded beautifully.

As a result more geniuses have been created!

Isn’t it a good idea?

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