The What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child Course – September 2020

“We are not alone in the world of brain injury”

The Graduates have their say


The Valentine Auditorium in the Fall It is still the home of our course – now online.


Although the What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child course is now online it is still a very international gathering. Our September course this year had parents attending from Brasil, Canada, India, Ireland, Portugal, and, of course, The United States. Only the Brasilians and the Americans had the luxury of being in the same time zone! However, you would never have guessed that from the students themselves. They were well prepared, extremely attentive and asked excellent questions.

Here is their summary of the course:



“From attending this course, I am motivated with new hope, I am diving into a whole new world. I gained valuable information and will definitely apply this knowledge to my brain-injured child.

Father, Canada


There is hope. Diagnoses can sound very grim; prognoses even more so. I have seen where the family’s outlook of and hope for and commitment to a hurt child is so much more powerful than any diagnosis or prognosis.

            Our child is doing so much better now than anyone, except her family, had ever anticipated. I’ve seen the work and commitment and amount of God’s grace that has gone into that happening.

Mother, Illinois


“The course provides so many incredible, important, and life-changing things, but the most valuable of all is that I have learned there is an opportunity for my son to be so much better, and it’s in his Dad’s and my hands to make it so.

This course was more than I could have ever imagined, my brain loved every minute of it. There are no words to express the appreciation and gratitude for the work The Institutes, and the thousands of lives that have been touched and changed because of it.

 Mother, Portugal


“The classes in the course were so beautifully made that we learn about our child’s problems at each level, we learn how the child is dealing with it, and it’s really very motivating and gives us hope.  

Mother, India


“The most important thing I learned in this course is that my daughter has so much more potential than even I had expected of her. I have a path that I can follow to help heal her.

The hardest thing about getting her diagnosis when she was two years old was hearing that there is no cure of Cerebral Palsy.

The best thing about this course was finding out that brain injury is treatable.”

Mother, New York


Effective Instruction


                                    “America loves “experts” but often all the expert knows is the traditions and myths rather than actual on the ground knowledge. The Institutes have spent decades working with kids, literally on the ground to unlearn all the traditions and myths preventing kids from getting better.  Janet Doman’s teaching about the Range of Brain Injury, Function Determines Structure, and How to Begin Your Program were especially good with very strong conceptual explanations that helped me understand all the other important classes.”

Father, Illinois


The compassion, understanding, and helpful attitude of all the Staff really encouraged me to continue learning about things that could help my brain-injured son.  

Father, Canada


I highly valued the direct contact with the Staff during the course, they answered all my questions, and listening to the other parents was inspiring and comforting, too, to know we are not alone in the world of brain injury.

Mother, Spain 


I loved that I WAS ABLE TO ATTEND, this was so huge. I thank Janet Doman and the Staff for all the work you do, for caring so deeply, for  dedicating your lives to this cause. I cannot say thank you enough for the integrity, dedication and hard work that is clear in everyone at The Institutes. I really appreciate the love you all have that is clearly put into this work.   

Mother, New York


To prepare for the course, I read the book What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child which provided me with a foundation for the course, it introduced me to the course in an easy to understand format.

                                    This course gives the family of brain-injured children a lot more hope than what most doctors will give you. Brain injury is a diagnosis, not a prognosis.

                                    Best of all for me, the Staff of The Institutes understand brain injury and the symptoms of it.”

Older sister, Illinois


Our child still has hurdles to overcome, and knowing that there are people, The Staff of The Institutes, who understand these problems and want to help is very comforting. This course has a lot to offer.”

Mother, Illinois


A Real Answer


The course answered my fear for the future of my brain-injured child, now I understand how to create a home treatment program that can change my son for the better.”

Mother, Indonesia


“This course contains the most valuable and important information that I have received in my entire life. I have come a long way since I came across the information from The Institutes and I knew that this was the right path for my daughter. I read everything I could and this prepared me to understand the information of the course much better.

 I highly valued the direct contact with the Staff during the course, they answered all my questions, and listening to the other parents was inspiring and comforting, too, to know we are not alone in the world of brain injury.

Mother, Spain


“There are so many important things to be learned in this course. I think to know my child can have a better life than I was expecting is the best thing. The information provided in the course changed my perspective. I think the course was great.” 

Mother, Utah


“The best thing about the course was Glenn Doman, the Nikola Tesla of brain-injured children.  Before taking the course, I had hoped The Institutes Staff were sincere and truly inspired. Having taken the course, I am convinced of both of those things to a very great degree.

The course has the right content, and was absolutely worth the time, effort, and money it takes to attend.

The most important thing I learned from this course was that my wife and I can really make a huge difference in the trajectory of our child’s life. I am so excited because there is nobody more fun to do stuff with than my son.”

Father, Utah


“The most important thing I learned from the course is that I can do something about my child’s brain injury and that I now have the tools and the people behind me to do so. Like the early Christian ‘you come and turn my world upside down’ in a very good way because I know what to do to change my child’s future.

The course provided so much more than expected on all fronts, of understanding, emotion, and encouragement. I now see why parents need to take this course and why it is a must. Parents need this to make them their child’s best therapist.

This course is ABSOLUTELY worth the time, effort, and money to attend- there is no other place out there that can remotely tell you your child can get better, and by the way they will teach you how.” 

Mother, Michigan


“The most important thing that I learned from this course is the knowledge that I gained about brain injury, the brain can be treated, and to get a ‘battle plan’ with the help of the Staff that our family will do together to achieve my son’s potential. I see hope in him. That’s BIG!”

 Mother, Massachusetts


“My child is brain-injured but not disabled. I can teach him with love, passion, and consistency. This course has given me a different dimension to my life. I am a mother and a doctor and it has helped me to look at my child and my profession at a new level. I can make a difference in my child’s life to help him achieve his true potential.

I have come to this course after many years of trying specialists and programs with an unbearable feeling of hopelessness. This course was way beyond my expectations and medical knowledge.” 

Mother and Physician, Ireland


“My wife has already taken this course and we are already seeing positive results. It is true, brain injured children are very intelligent. We all need to believe in our child’s capability. Everything about the on-line course was managed so well. Now I am looking forward to the next steps in my child’s development.”

Father, New Jersey


“This course really went beyond my expectations. I don’t think I was emotionally prepared for this course, I don’t know that anything could have prepared me for the enormity of this course and its effect on me and my emotional state. I was at turns devastated by not having this information previously, and then also so excited and full of love and hope because now I could see our way so much more clearly, it’s no longer a pipe dream to see our child so much better.

The course was well-structured, and provided very specific information, including a supply of assessment tools which was greatly appreciated.”

Mother, New York


The course was what I was expecting and much more.  This information has allowed me not to give up hope, and to feel truly supported by the Staff.

There are rules for attending the course and they were very helpful in creating a good learning environment, they are most helpful in keeping you focused. You don’t want to miss anything.

 I think this program and the Staff are phenomenal and I am so excited to get started with my child!”  

Mother, Maryland 


“I don’t know where to start in saying what was the most important thing I learned in the course- but underlying everything is that there is HOPE for my son. Real, deal, sink-your-teeth-into-it, gritty hope.

 I will not give up, I will interact with my child as someone who is wildly intelligent, and  I will delight in learning alongside him, I will grow by evolution, not revolution so that we can consistently and continuously improve.

The course was so much better than I hoped. It was logical, compassionate, well-thought out, rigorous, intelligently organized. I was given information I needed, when I needed it, and given time to digest it.

The Staff is so committed and kind and generous with their experience and their thoughtfulness and their time.

I appreciate   the generosity of Janet Doman and all the Staff to make themselves so available. 

Mother, Massachusetts


“We, Mom, Dad, and Grandma, can do this plan for our girl, there is great hope! It will change everything! We will restructure our days, our work…and especially our expectations.

I’m in love with all of the Staff-seriously. Their love for hurt kids and what they do for them is priceless and precious. God bless them all!”

 Grandmother, Colorado


“Based on this course, we will now be able to have an organized, consistent, fun, interactive, prioritized, healthy and safe approach to grow our families’ brains.

The best thing about this course is the deep knowledge in this field and the interaction with the Staff. 

Thank you to the whole Staff, Glenn Doman is at our highest regard for all he faced and never gave up.

To Janet Doman, thank you for your own personal story you shared and fabulous presence of intelligence and understanding. The other Staff, thank you.

We are motivated by your passion and commitment and want to strive to return the favor through bringing great results. An upward spiral!!! Finally!”

Mother, Alaska


“If gravity and time are the enemies of brain injured children, I can’t change gravity, but I can give my son my time.”

Father, Alaska


“This course gave me the why to do this program, the drive, motivation, and hope! It also changes the way I view my daughter. I know she is bright, but I have been underestimating her!

The course was what I was expecting and MORE! I felt it not only answered the why but ALSO the how. This is not something I have EVER gotten any place else…this course concisely put it all together.

Mother, Colorado


The Director of The Institutes answers questions for our students in the online course




“I advise other parents not to miss any minute from the lectures, don’t miss the questions asked by other parents, don’t miss the opportunity to check your program with the Staff before getting started at home with your child.

 No effort is big enough when it is about your child’s life and your child’s future. I think I should have paid more.”

 Mother, Spain


“I highly recommend other parents to attend this course and help their kids.”

Father, Canada


“My advice to other parents is not to be scared of the  commitment of taking this course, it’s worth it. Bring an open mind and an eager heart. Believe your  child will be all the better for every minute you spend learning.

Every parent should know about this course. It is an incredible course, I am so incredibly grateful for The Institutes committed work, the tremendous effort to get this information into the hands of parents, and the way the Staff applauds, trusts, and empowers parents with their genuine concern for each child.

This material is worth everything, and the Staff is the secret sauce, thank you for pouring so much out into us, even over a screen.”

Mother, Massachusetts


“My advice for other parents is to know you are not alone and you will find hope, when, or if, that starts to falter remember you were chosen for this child.”

 Mother, Alaska


“I am a mother and a doctor, and I will inform many parents who are seeking help to treat their child who has a brain injury and parents of well children, too, about this course.”

Mother and Physician, India


“I advise other parents to take this course and not have the regret of not doing so. The Staff are humble and fantastic. The course was very well worth the time, effort, and money, too.”

Mother, Indonesia


“The course is incredibly made and so understandable to anyone, I have endless gratitude to everyone who’s involved in this magic. I would advise other parents to take this course, Mom and Dad together for this experience!”

Mother from Portugal


“This course is ABSOLUTELY worth the time, effort, and money to attend- there is no other place out there that can remotely tell you your child can get better, and by the way they will teach you how.”

Mother, Michigan


“Dear Parents, please take this course, do not hesitate or wait. The privilege of taking the course on-line now is a blessing in disguise, the classes are so well-taught and presented, you will understand your child and that’s the first best thing you can do to help your child. Each and every Staff member are brilliant.

We struggled for years with so many treatments, therapies, and programs – depending and hoping this is the answer. I came to this course with so many questions and now I perfectly understand my son’s struggle and strength. I now have the tools to start our new loving journey together. I only wish I had done this earlier.”

Mother and Physician, Ireland


“My advice to all parents is to take the course and not be afraid of the work they might have because the health and wellbeing of our child and our family is above all else.

There are so many good things about the course, for example, the scientific knowledge of the Staff is very good and the way they manage to pass the neurological knowledge on to the parents in such a simple way is fantastic.”

Mother, Brazil


“My advice to other parents is to attend together, husband and wife and grandma too if possible. Don’t spend a lot of time ahead of the course worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to do it. Come, listen, then decide. The Institutes breaks it down and helps you see how it will be possible for you!

I love that Glenn Doman is part of this course, it is wonderful to hear his heart about all of this.

Was this course worth the time, effort, and money it cost, oh my goodness, YES! YES! YES! So very worth it!”

Grandmother, Colorado


“I would say to other parents to take this course right away. Everything is made simple, and it is very, very worth each penny and second. The Staff are great people. The online course allowed us to stay home and know our children were in good hands. There were no challenges in taking this course to compare with my daughter’s potential wellness.”

Mother, Canada


If you are doubtful as to whether or not your child is brain-injured or well (a mild brain injury), take the What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child course. The same concepts can apply to the well child, and more likely that not, your child has some degree of brain injury (strabismus, difficulty in school, etc.), even if it is not immediately obvious.

I will do anything and everything that this course has taught to make my sister a successful, happy, and well child.” 

Older Sister, Illinois


My advice to other parents is to know there will be opportunities to have your questions answered. You will not leave feeling like you don’t have direction.

I think the best thing about the course was the energy, love, and enthusiasm that the Staff brings. Each member was united in their love for hurt kids, this is a gift!”

Mother, Colorado


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