What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child – June Course

“No more wandering around, we have arrived at the starting line.” 

Our Parents Have their say 

The Best Thing


The best thing about the course is how clear, logical, and clearly explained it is.

 Mother from Mexico


The best thing about this course is that it gave us the opportunity to pinpoint our child’s brain injury, giving us the roadmap of how to start helping him.”

                                                                                    Father from California


Everything was great, but the fact that you can finish the course with a customized program for your child, that is the best.

 Mother from Canada



“The best thing about the course is the big picture on why my son behaves the way he does and how I can help him efficiently, using the years of experience from dedicated people, the Staff, there is no better than that.”


Father from Canada


“I have been longing for years ago for something like this course and The Institutes. The course is way more than I expected. It’s just amazing how much truthful information The Institutes has gathered for more than a half a century and how well organized it is. It’s a must for any parent, and not just for parents of brain injured children.


Father from Mexico


“This course was much more than I anticipated. Education is power, the ability to have tools to move forward, and goal setting is huge, too. Access for questions was great.

This course was absolutely life-giving!”

                                                                        Grandmother from Texas



What I learned


  “This course has been the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only do I understand what is happening with my little guy but now I know what to do about it. There is so much valuable information in the course and it all makes sense! I wish I had known about this course before…now I see my son with different eyes. I can’t wait to get started. Understanding what is really happening to him gives me the best foundation to move forward.

This is my Berlin wall.”

 Mother from Canada


“In this course, I learned that there are so many ways that I can start helping my child NOW to achieve his best potential. The doctors have just said “wait and see”, but I don’t want to “wait and see” and waste time NOT helping my child achieve his potential. Every day is an opportunity to help my child get better. I am so glad to have found a place that believes this, too.”

Mother from Utah


“Learning how to evaluate your child was so important and an eye opener for every parent. Every parent is able to evaluate their own child. This is a great  experience and my wife and I came to know many things about our own child which we were unaware of.”

 Father from North Carolina


“This course has changed my perspective towards my child and now I can relate to how he must be feeling all these years, which even made me cry.”

 Father  from India


“For me this course has created a pathway that leads me on a journey to success, one that is filled with excitement, learning is exciting, applying what you learned is even more exciting. I feel joyfulness, and gratitude. I am very grateful for this course, I learned so much. I am no longer the black sheep, I am now part of the herd of black sheep!”

 Mother from Pennsylvania


“The course was so much more than I was expecting. I didn’t expect to learn so much about the brain and its function. As a parent, that knowledge is sometimes only at the reach of therapists, but now I feel more in control of the path we are navigating, because of a better comprehension of how I can help my daughter.”

 Mother from Ecuador


“I learned that brain injury can be repaired, which goes against what I have known since I was a child. I had grown up thinking that brain injuries were a permanent condition. This knowledge gives me hope. Instead of running around scattered trying to treat the symptoms of brain injury, we can focus on a program to help my son.”

 Father from Florida



Advice to Other Parents


“To other parents I would say stop considering taking the course and do it. I myself considered it for a few months before actually enrolling and the only regret I have today is to have waited. I would say from the moment you even consider taking this course, you already know where you have to be.”

 Mother from Tahiti


“Don’t hesitate. You may travel trying to treat your child’s symptoms, which is not where the problem lies. The Institutes is the only place that can provide an answer. It may not be the answer you expect because healing a brain injury requires a lot of hard work, but a hard day’s work that will improve your child’s life is always better than where you are now.”

                                                                        Father from Florida


“JUST DO IT,  you’ll change your child’s life.

To the Staff, thanks for rowing with me from now on.”

                                                                                    Mother from Ecuador


“I was well-prepared for the course by reading the What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child book, and reading through the website. I would recommend to others The Pathway to Wellness Courses before taking this course possibly, too.”

 Mother from Canada


“My one and only advice to other parents is that, if you have a brain injured child, you MUST do this course.”

 Father from India


“ Do take this course, don’t hesitate for a minute as it will shine light on your uneasy path. Every child has potential!”

 Mother from the United Kingdom


“This course is worth it, it will open your eyes and most importantly will help you understand what to do to help your child. Be prepared and open minded.”

 Mother from Canada


“ Don’t think twice, run for it, do whatever you need to do in order to take it. The course really covered all my expectations and gave me more information than I could possibly think of.”

 Father from Mexico


Life Changing


It’s life changing!!! We  came out of this course with an actual plan to help our son overcome his injury. No more wandering around, we arrived at the starting line.”

                                                                        Mother from California


“Everything I learned throughout the course was important. This course has changed my whole life already. I am looking forward to begin the developmental program with my daughter. I needed to take the course in order to understand each and every step of this perfectly thought out program and I am really glad I did.”

 Mother from Tahiti


“It changes everything. Moving from ambiguous anxieties regarding our daughter’s future towards specific and confident actions we can take in creating and sustaining a good program for her is life-changing, both for her and for those of us who love and care for her.

I feel so grateful to be on the other side of the course with all the incredible insights I’ve gained. It felt more like a journey than I was expecting. More challenging, more emotional, more thrilling, more humorous, and ultimately more possibility-expanding than I could have expected.”

 Father from Illinois


“This course was more than I was expecting and feels life changing for me and my kids and whole family.”

 Mother from North Carolina



“This was a life-changing course packed with very interesting information. I feel positive and motivated there is something that I can do to help my child get better.   It was amazing that everything made complete sense and it was so easy to understand”.

 Mother from the United Kingdom



Online Course


“Having attended a course in person at The Institutes and now on-line, I am amazed at how well you have adapted to it, a very impressive job. In seven days, one minor technical glitch only, wow, you are Zoom geniuses. The breakout rooms for questions are such a wonderful idea. The Question and Answer sessions are over the top generous, before and after the class, truly a gift for all time zones.”

 Mother from Puerto Rico


“About the on-line course, seems like y’all have done an exceptional job replicating a unique experience during such unique times.”

                                                                                    Father from Illinois


“I wish there would have been more days! I did not expect it was going to pass by so fast. The information was super interesting and informative, it kept me craving for more.”

 Mother from Canada


“The course was even more than I was expecting, it was so energetic, a new form of energy in the form of knowledge and practical application. The course is sufficiently interactive and our questions are answered in the large group, and in break out rooms, too.”

 Father from North Carolina


“The course provided good opportunities for questions, personalization of the material, solid content for starting a home program. And it gave me HOPE for my child when no one else would say he was brain injured or had a chance of making real progress even though we were putting a lot of effort into therapies.”

                                                                        Mother from Canada


“This course was more than I expected, how everything was organized, and the attention given to us individually. Everything was presented in a way I could understand, the visuals were great.”

 Mother from California


“The orchestration of so much learning in the course is done well. Seven days of intense learning did not tire me out. The way the classes are mixed with the continual breaks for questions is amazing and worked out well.”

 Father from California



Glenn Doman and the Staff


The best thing about the course was seeing Glenn Doman teach, what a treat!”

                                                                        Mother from Pennsylvania


One of the best things about the course was Glenn Doman himself teaching. I loved learning about the Developmental Profile, and I loved talking with the Staff one on one”.

Mother from Tahiti


“The course exceeded my expectations. Glenn Doman is not with us now but his teaching is very powerful and survives time, this is true genius in my mind. The rest of the presenters were fantastic, too. The entire future course of action for our child is changed for us now.”

 Father from Canada




 Worth it?


“The course is absolutely worth the time, effort, and money it cost, I enjoyed every bit.”

 Father from Canada


“Every second of this course is worth the time and effort, and every cent of the money it cost.”

 Mother from Tahiti


“Was it worth the time, effort and money that it cost? No question about it.”

 Mother from Canada



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What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child

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