The How To Multiply Course Goes Online


Last week our beloved “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course went Online for the first time.

To our surprise and delight parents from 11 states of the United States and 13 countries enthusiastically enrolled. They came from Italy, Brasil, France, Singapore, Panama, India, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. Our Singaporeans would be 12 hours ahead of us!

Once the internet was born the question was could you ever put 40 hour live course on the internet effectively? There are thousands of courses taught on the internet and right now that number has increased dramatically for obvious reasons. But, our course is taught in real time with our parents asking questions every 50 minutes and staying at the end of each day to ask as many questions as they like. The give and take in our course is critical.

When our parents come to The Institutes we want to make sure that it is easy to learn. We create a cocoon for our parents while they are here. Our auditorium has been painstakingly created to provide the very best environment for each parent. Every detail is checked and re-checked constantly to maintain the quality of the environment.

Parents leave their children at home in loving and safe care there. For many of our mothers it is the first time they have ever been separated from children.

Each lecturer is carefully prepared to teach in this environment. Every lecture has been written to ensure the clearest presentation for our parents. Each parent has sacrificed a great deal in order to attend our lectures and be in this course. Our parents deserve the very best.


Our Questions

Could a Mother or father at home establish the discipline needed to create the ideal learning environment at home. No interruptions, no distractions?

Could a parent taking the course from a country that is 8 hours head of Eastern Standard time really survive 7 hours of lectures every day?

Would parents at home experience the same engagement, attention, interest and enthusiasm which have always characterized this course?

Would parents learn as much? Ask the same questions? Get the same take home of the thousands of parents who sat in the Valentine Auditorium and took the course there?

Would it be a life-changing experience?

The only possibility was to put our June course Online. Could it even be done?

On the 31st of May 2020 we did something we have never done before which we thought we would never do. We put our How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course On-Line.

Would it work or be a disaster?


When the course ended we our parents to tell us about their experience. Even though the sun was rising in Singapore and it was 3 am in Delhi our parents were bright and ready to tell us what they learned. These parents were real pioneers and tough ones at that!

Our parents answer the question

Better Babies, Better World

“I loved learning how to be a better parent committed to teach my child, getting to know online other parents that share the same enthusiasm. This is a course design for a parent committed to teach children that will build and restore our world, by being better human beings using their full potential.”

Mother, California


“My wife and I are glad we stumbled upon The Institutes. As parents, I am sure we will look back at this and consider our family story before and after June 2020.”

Father, Panama

“This course will change the trajectory of my child – UP. Definitely a must course.”

Mother, Texas


“It has truly been inspiring. I loved hearing the parents who have done this course, their experiences with their children.”

Mother, United Arab Emirates

“It went beyond my expectations! I was raised in a very stable home and my Mom was a professional mother so I had a good foundation, but I didn’t know how to make motherhood my own. I have been so “busy” with life that I was just going with the flow. I felt empowered as a mother! I’m excited to see my baby in a new light and to know I’m capable of helping him learn so much! Thank you! You’ve inspired me so much!”

Mother, Italy

“I was expecting the course to ignite or re-ignite the heart of the program and it did that and more. Come with an open mind and be prepared that the program is actually highly flexible and very dependent on your child’s interest.”

Mother, Singapore

“I love what you are doing with children. Tears of emotion come into my eyes when I see the beautiful people these mothers are creating. It’s worth it. Do it. If you want to give your child the best start in life, take this course and may you never be the same. It inspires me to really do the program with my grandson, who is 20 months. Not to settle for second best.  It renewed my intention to do so, and to do more. I had read many of the books and I was struggling applying the data. I have a much better concept now. I think I can go back to the books and be more successful now.”

Grandmother, Florida

“Thank you so much! The course was excellent!!!! The passion, dedication and effort of each of you are tremendous and it’s a big motivator for my further progress in teaching of my child. I got a great amount of much needed information that will support my family.”

Mother, California

Straight Talk

“I so sincerely admire Janet and The Institutes for their fearlessness and conviction in helping mothers and children everywhere. It is not easy for people to stand their ground in this world with what they know is true and it is such an admirable quality.”

Mother, Florida

Understanding The Why

“The why this is so important and the fact that it doesn’t have to be done in a mechanical form I have already been doing it . It’s all about the joyousness and this course opening me to see all aspects and providing the tools to get there.  It will prepare my child to be the whatever he chooses to be. Far exceeded my expectations. That this is for parents who are driven by the love of their child and who want to give their child an opportunity far beyond.

Mother, Dominican Republic 

“Understand the WHY as a constant reminder when things can be tough.”

Mother from NJ

Easier Than You Think

It’s a very approachable and comprehensive system, any one of them…reading, math, encyclopedic, etc. Even if you only picked one portion of it, anyone can do it. I was most nervous about teaching my child to read, and I have learned that it is a simple method and the child will absorb the information.

Mother, Florida

“I feel much less overwhelmed. I thought I had 1000 questions and 1000 difficulties but most of them vanished and the few that stayed were answered.”

Mother, France

“It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be!”

Mother, Switzerland

Worth The Effort

“It’s worth it, but truly block that time in entirety. DO it! So worth it! The books are amazing but it helps so much to add the demos and everything.”

Mother, Georgia

“Just do it, nothing is more important than your kids and it is worth it.”

Mother from CA

Don’t think twice. Jump in and do it. Worth it. I’d read the books, watched the videos, watched everything I could find on YouTube but the course really gave me the guns to move forward.

Mother from Texas

This course has given me a great structure and plan to start correctly which was lacking and kept me from being confident at teaching. The entire staff was always helpful and nearby beyond teaching hours to answer our questions and queries. It did cost an arm but it was worth it.

Mother, United Arab Emirates

Online Made It Possible

“I am almost 9 months pregnant and so I would not have received this information prior to my baby being born due to the current circumstances of the planet. It is a wonderful thing for people who can’t travel or have restrictions.”

Mother, Florida

“I lived 3 years wishing I could take this profound course remotely. Now it is available. Attend. Attend before having kids.”

Mother, Saudi Arabia

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