Success Story: Autism and Global Developmental Delay

Malcolm’s mother recalls how far he’s come in just nine months

When Malcolm was young, we started to notice that he was not developing like other children. While he passed his hearing tests, he did not respond to sounds often or when we called his name. He walked late, at 18 months old, and was very unstable and lost his balance frequently and fell. He did not speak, and he did not respond even to very loud sounds. He looked very “blurry”, as if he was in his own world. He did not appear to recognize his dad, mum and sister. He liked to spin, played with toys with no purpose and did not interact with any of us.  Malcolm’s pediatrician informed us that he had Global Developmental Delay, as well as autism.

Success Story Autism

Malcolm was delayed in nearly every aspect of his development.

“Parents are the best therapists for their child.”

One day, there was an inner voice that told me that Malcolm needed real help, I needed to do something about it. I called Lawrence Lee from GD Baby Singapore, and he sent me the book “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child”, by Glenn Doman. I also read about the course of the same name, and read in the course brochure that “parents are the best therapists for their child.”

Reading this line was the motivating factor for me to decide to sign up for the course. I also had personal experience with The Institutes’ programs, as my eldest daughter learned how to read at the age of 2, after I read “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”, by Glenn. Malcolm was 2 years old when I took the course.

Success Story Autism

Malcolm’s awareness and interaction was greatly helped by the Nutrition program.

“After 6 weeks of the program, he was noticeably more alert.”

During the five day course, I was empowered with knowledge and It I could use this information as a weapon to guard my child from brain-injury and bring him to wellness. I knew that this was what I was looking for. The day after I arrived home from the course, I eliminated all the foods that might cause allergies or intolerances mentioned in the course. I eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar, seasonings and frozen foods, and replaced them with organic meats and vegetables. Within 6 eeks of starting this program, he was noticeably more alert. We also ensured he had a good environment, good diet plan, a daily program of walking and a reading program. We did our best to follow the recommendations of the staff.

“Today he is a completely different boy.”

We have been doing the program now for 9 months, and he is a completely different boy. When he started the program, he said only three words. He now has 300-400 words, and more words are coming. He has started to say couplets, as well as initiate conversations. If we call his name from another room, he always hears it now. He follows what we say to him, and can remember what he is told even hours later. He is able to recognize numbers from 0-100, and he is able to recognize higher numbers like 223, 105, 143 on buses. He is able to read words that we teach him in the Reading Program, and he is now learning multiplication!

Success Story Autism

Malcolm loves to read and learn

Recently, he has started approaching other children and adults and initiates play with them. He is much more aware – he had even told me “hot!” and pointed at the gas stove and then he said “noodles”. He has an excellent sense of direction now, and he knows how to get home on his own. He can remember the name of the train stations too. He now has a real relationship with his sister, and like typical siblings, they sometimes argue!

Success Story Autism

Malcolm and his sister are closer than ever before

After taking the “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child” course, his results are truly a motivation for me to move forward and to share with parents. It is important for parents to know that autism is not an incurable disease. Never, Never, Never Give Up. Have Faith in Your Child. Trust in them!

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