Rubinstein-Taybe Syndrome
Ester surpasses all the predictions made about her genetic abnormality

At 3 months of age, Ester was diagnosed with a rare genetic abnormality called Rubinstein-Taybe Syndrome. Her doctors predicted that she would have physical and intellectual problems. They had few answers for parents about how they might be able to help her.

The Doctor’s prognosis was not good

When Esther was 9 months old, mother found the book “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child” by Glenn Doman and immediately began the reading program.

Doctors gave baby Ester a poor prognosis

Within two months of starting, Ester was crawling for transportation.

By 12 months of age, Ester was still unable to crawl, so parents followed what they had learned and made an inclined floor to help teach her how to crawl. Within two months, Ester was crawling for transportation. When Ester was 17 months of age, parents attended the “What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child” course. By then, Esther was not only crawling but creeping as well. She still was unable to walk and she had visual problems as well.

Baby Ester was developing slowly in mobility and her ability to use two eyes together was also poor.

After a lot of creeping, Esther began to walk for the first time.

After attending the course, parents started a consistent and intense program at home. Some of the elements of her program included creeping on her hands and knees up to 800 meters daily, a tactile program to improve her pattern of movement, a careful nutrition program, and a more sophisticated reading program. They added a math program so that Esther could begin to understand the language of mathematics. After accomplishing hundreds of meters of creeping, Ester began to walk! Once she could walk parents gradually built up to 3 km. of walking daily.

Ester’s mother says, “We have seen great improvement in her mobility. I believe if we didn’t do the program, Ester would not have learned to walk. And even if she did learn, her walking would not have been normal.”

Ester walks kilometers nonstop with ease now

Esther easily learned to read

Even more impressive is Ester’s ability to read. She learned to read words and sentences. She has started reading books now with excellent understanding. She loves to show off her amazing reading ability – in this video, Ester reads a homemade book as her mother films:


“The best part is that the staff never puts a limit on your child’s potential.”

Looking back on their experience at The Institutes, Ester’s mom says that “each person gets personalized attention and The Institutes’ staff spends a lot of time to ensure that you go home with a program that will benefit your child. The best part is that the staff never puts a limit on your child’s potential.”

Ester is now five years old and thriving, she is improving in nearly every area.

When speaking to other parents, Ester’s mom recommends “try to start the program as soon as possible. It is hard work! The only thing more difficult than doing the program would be to leave Ester behind. I am forever grateful to Glenn Doman and The Institutes staff.”

Ester is now five years old and thriving. She is improving in nearly every area. Her mother writes, “She is a healthy, happy little girl who talks in short sentences and has many friends.”

Children diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybe Syndrome commonly have a long and complex list of anatomical and developmental issues. The expectations for these children are not high. There is little doubt there will be challenges ahead for Esther but right now those challenges look very much like the challenges that all children face. She has been given a fighting chance to meet those challenges with the help of her wonderful parents who left no stone unturned in their effort to help their little girl.

Ester and her proud parents

Esther and her parents are real pioneers forging a new path for children diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybe Syndrome. We salute them and we look forward to every new accomplishment and every victory along the way.