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25 Things you need to know

25 Things to Help Your Child

The 25 Things You Need to Know to Help Your Child PDF helps parents and professionals, like you, who seek answers to the problems facing their brain-injured child.

25 Ways to Enrich Your Child's Life

The 25 Ways To Enrich Your Child’s Life PDF is intended to give you a running start in making your home a place where your child enjoys stimulation and opportunity.

Is Your Child Eligible For a Life-Changing Solution at Home?

Our parents often feel alone, and even abandoned, facing the challenge of helping their child who may be falling further and further behind.   That’s why it is vital for parents to have, not only the answers to their questions, but real tools to understand and help their child right now. 

Our free masterclass, Is Your Child Eligible For a Life-Changing Solution at Home? is the first step in getting the guidance and support you need.

3 Keys to a Curious, Competent & Compassionate Child

No parent would begrudge the time and resource needed to help their child become physically stronger, smarter, and more healthy.  But often parents are uncertain what to do with their babies to help them develop physically and intellectually. 

Our free Masterclass, 3 Keys to a Curious, Competent & Compassionate Child, can not answer every question that parents of young children have. But, we hope to propose a pathway that will bring you and your child closer together.

We've been recognized and featured by some of the biggest media organizations in the world.

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65+ Years of Success Stories

25 ways to enrich your child's life
“I attended the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. This course was very interesting, very surprising, and worth it. I have five children. The first and most important benefit that occurred in our family as a result of this course was the improved relationships between parents and children. 
We have much better communication now. Other important benefits we have achieved due to this course regarding the intelligence program are: high speed at reading and mental arithmetic. We have noticed the special ability of our children to solve problems themselves.
We would repeat one hundred times the great experience of attending this course.”
The Romero Family, Barcelona, Spain

“When Diego was born, the doctors told us right away that he had a disability. The minute I found that my son wasn’t like a normal kid I couldn’t believe it, I got desperate and really depressed, I wanted to die. It was really hard for me as a mother.” When asked what advice Diego’s parents had for parents wishing to enroll in the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course, they responded, “Do not get depressed.

Before starting the program, get well organized. You should not have any doubt about the success of the program; you are on the right path.”

Diego's Parents
“We did the program with determination, enthusiasm, and cooperation, which strengthened the bonds among parents and grandparents, who helped us with the program. The program helped Francesco overall in developing his intellectual potential. As a matter of fact, he is a tireless, insatiable reader. 
It all seemed like a dream when we began the program. Now the dream has become a reality, thanks to our perseverance and our faith in your programs that were designed for Francesco at every revisit.”
Francesco's Parents

“Hammer throw is a discipline that requires extreme coordination, balance, strength, and even endurance, both mental and physical. Looking back, I am certain that without the early mental and physical training I received thanks to The Institutes’ Early Development Program and International School I would not be where I am today. The International School students are trained to be physically, socially, and intellectually excellent individuals, well balanced across all three areas.

I first began to notice the differences among my peers in my ability to manage my  time, something that for any college student is invaluable, but especially for a student-athlete who was also working part-time to be debt-free upon college graduation. Not only was I better at time management, but also I was able to retain information with ease. I am able to study in one hour what takes my peers 2 or 3 hours to study; without doubt, this is thanks to my superior reading and information retention skills obtained through the intellectual program.

I honestly cannot find the words to express my infinite gratitude not only to my wonderful parents, John and Susanna, who chose the difficult path of dedication and helped both me and my brother along our respective paths through life, but also to the teachers of the Evan Thomas Institute who helped shaped me into the athlete and person I am today.”

Victoria Di Castro Horn, Professional Hammer Thrower, ACSI Italia Atletica, ETI Class of 2006

25 ways to enrich your child's life

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to speak with one of staff members at the Institutes to change your life and the life of your child forever.

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