Dx Autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and developmental delay

Pratyush and his family write a different story

Pratyush’s mother had a difficult pregnancy with two infections, anemia, and high blood pressure, he was delivered by a planned c-section.

Pratyush was slow to meet his developmental milestones, and at three years of age in pre-school, his parents were told he did not socialize with other children, was not following instructions, and his speech development was well below his age level.

His prognosis was not good

Soon, Pratyush was diagnosed as autistic, and hyperactive with attention deficit disorder and global developmental delay.

His parents attended the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course when he was ten years old and came for their first appointment with Pratyush soon after.

Pratyush could read aloud at the first-grade level and write his name independently. He was not yet running, and he did not initiate conversations, instead he often repeated what others said to him. He was hyperactive, and very sensitive to sound and touch. They went home and rolled up their sleeves and got started on a their new program.

A different boy one year later

One year later, Pratyush is speed-reading adult level books with excellent comprehension. His spoken language has doubled.


He is speaking in long sentences with proper structure. He is now running, and his handwriting is beautiful.


For his 11th birthday, he was asked if he wanted gifts for himself or would he like to start a fund to raise money for The Institutes. He chose fundraising. He is off to a good start. He would be very grateful for others to join him!

Click Here to Visit Pratyush’s Gofundme Page


Pratyush still has challenges ahead, but he has made a great start and with his mother and Father by his side he is working hard and making his goals. What a pleasure it is to watch him march so confidently on a pathway to wellness. His tough parents were not stopped by symptomatic labels they wanted more for their boy, and they have found it through effective stimulation and appropriate opportunity.

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