A Boy Takes His First Steps 1/20/2015

Brain Injured Child Walks

We are so proud of this Russian family – a brain injured child walks for the first time! Their son, Nikolay, just began to walk. Here is a note from his mother and a video of his first steps.

“A bit more than two years ago we heard about Mr. Doman and his work with brain-injured children. You can’t imagine how glad we were to get the invitation to Pisa. I remember our first meeting–the warm eyes and kind smile of Douglas, Rosalind, Melissa and other people who gave us hope from the first minute. They made us believe that we would be able to help our Nikolay. The work was hard, but we saw the results. We taught our son to move, to crawl, to creep, to read and to learn English and mathematics. We don’t feel that he is a brain-injured boy. He understands everything. And at last we got a great present for our family: Nikolay started walking. It’s winter and there is much snow in our region, but Nikolay prefers to walk outside. It’s great! Dear parents with brain-injured children, believe in your children and in your energy. Belief and love will make you strong and happy.” – Yulia, mother of Nikolay

Here is Nikolay: Brain Injured Child Walks First Steps

We see success such as Nikolay everyday on our various programs. Parents who have given up hope that their child will live a full and happy life. After they come to The Institutes and start our program – months later they return or we hear from them of the progress with their child.

Here is another such heart-warming example – Nikolay, a brain injured child walks!

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