Hydrocephaly and Hyperactivity: The Story of Twins 10/30/2014

Yoshiki & Yuuki Holding Donation

Yoshiki and Yuuki holding their personal donation to The Founder’s Fund. They were the first contributors to The Founder’s Fund when it was created to celebrate Glenn Doman’s 90th birthday. Yoshiki and Yuuki were born ten years ago but these twins could not be more different. They were born two months premature and they were given oxygen at birth to survive. Yoshiki, who was born first, struggled the most. A few days after birth, he was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, an hemangioma covering one eye, and hydrocephaly. Before his first birthday, he underwent neurosurgery to install a shunt.

By two years of age, Yoshiki lagged behind his brother in all aspects of development. The boys’ parents attended the What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child course and implemented a home program to speed Yoshiki’s progress. Within a year, he began speaking and reading his first words.  Yoshiki then came to The Institutes and was evaluated at his Initial Aspirant Appointment. Within 6 months, Yoshiki was catching up to his peers in understanding and was beginning to run. By six years of age, he was already writing, just when his peers were learning to do the same.

Yoshiki Running

Yoshiki proudly represented The Institutes in a race

Yuuki Playing Baseball

Through all of Yoshiki’s hard work, his brother Yuuki was always by his side doing the program with him. By eight years of age, parents were concerned about Yuuki’s development. He was hyperactive and he stuttered. He was struggling with reading and writing. In addition, he was a very poor sleeper and had severe asthma and chronic congestion. Parents knew they had to do a more intense program with Yuuki. Just as Yuuki had been there when Yoshiki needed him, now it was Yoshiki’s turn to help his brother.

Yuuki Patterning

Yuuki helps the staff to demonstrate patterning to parents attending the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course in Kobe, Japan last February.

Yuuki Crawling

Yoshiki and Yuuki lead the parents in crawling during the practicum in the “What To Do” course

The boys continued to work together beautifully. They excelled while doing their sophisticated and intensive physical program. They gained encyclopedic knowledge on a wide array of topics, and they maintained an excellent diet. Most impressively, through their work on the program they had honed a social maturity which was evident in everything they did.

The boys have many talents. They play the violin and they know martial arts. Also, they are excellent singers and dancers. They have given many demonstrations at The Institutes Lectures Series in Tokyo. Their tap dancing performance following the earthquake three years ago brought tears of joy and hope of renewal to all who were present.

Twins Playing Violin

Last February the boys were named as “Graduates to Life” with the goal of attending school with their peers. If they did well in school, they would be ready to graduate from the Home Program in February 2015. Since they began school last March, both boys have been doing well in all subjects. They are doing work that is well above their age level, and it is no surprise that they have excelled physically as well. They are in increasingly good health and are full of energy.

We congratulate Yoshiki and Yuuki and their parents for their exceptional determination and hard work. Mother and father have succeeded with both boys against all the odds. They are an inspiration to everyone who knows them.

We expect to hear great things about their performance in school and are looking forward to their full graduation in February. What a wonderful celebration of the human spirit that will be.

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