Last week we welcomed parents from Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Vietnam, and the U.S. to our campus. Parents, with the shared goal of giving their children a strong foundation in life, came to learn how to increase significantly the intellectual, physical, and social abilities of their children.


How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” is a comprehensive course designed to provide mothers and fathers with vital information about early development. In one week, parents learn how to begin an early development program in reading, mathematics, music, foreign language, and encyclopedic knowledge. Physical development, and a careful nutrition program are also fundamental parts of the course.


The Institutes provides expert instruction to ensure that parents understand the basis and rationale of the program. Parents gain practical know-how based on years of first-hand experience with parents and babies. By the end of the course, parents are confident they can give their children the best start in life and are filled with enthusiasm about doing it.

What Our Graduates Say About the Course:

Worth The Effort
The best thing about the course was everything. However, seeing is believing. Meeting the parents and their children said it all. The course was absolutely worth the time, effort, and money that it cost me. None of those things matter when I compare it to what I got out of this one week. The course was more than what I had expected. This is a life- changing experience, not just a course.

Executive Assistant and Mother, New York



I think seeing the children in action was great. It is one thing to hear all these things. It is another to see the results.

Software Engineer and Father, Pennsylvania

New Relationship With My Child
I did not expect such a robust, well-rounded curriculum to be presented….What I learned at the course will change how I interact with my son in that everything around us is now a learning opportunity. The whole world has, in these 5 days, just opened up for my child. Everywhere there are words, Bits, couplets!! (and more!!) I will take him out with me to museums more often and not be afraid to “talk over his head.

Educator and Mother, Canada

Great Teaching


The best thing about the course is that we got to experience a little bit of everything. All materials were covered in a well-balanced way of information and demonstration and why, how and the result of both.

Educator and Mother, New York

Life-changing Experience
The wealth of information provided to the parents is just mind blowing and, of course, overwhelming, but in a good way. This has truly been a life-altering experience, not only for me, but for my child, who has the potential. This information has already changed my view and already helped me with how I can teach my child. My time spent with my child will truly matter and I feel as though I have a purpose in life.

Respiratory Therapist and Mother, Pennsylvania

New Insights
I am going to let my kids show me what they are interested in rather than teaching them what I know.

Consultant and Mother, New Jersey

Great Information
This is a course that every mother should consider to take. It gives you great information about how to develop your children’s potential.

Mother, Florida

Better Than Expected
The best thing about the course was watching the moms with their children and seeing their eyes light up to learn and then perform for us. As heart wrenching as it was to leave my baby at home (in capable hands), I know this week will have a dramatic effect on her future. The course was so much more than what I was expecting. I now understand more of the how and why it is possible because of brain development versus the “how to” steps in the book. Arrive with an open mind but be prepared to know that your life will never be the same once your eyes have been opened.

Business owner, CPA and Mother, Arizona

Discover the joy of teaching your child and making a better future for your whole family. The next How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course: 5-10 June 2016