Dx Trisomy 21: Aron’s Success Story

Aron Goes Home

“Don’t expect anything,
leave him in the hospital, do
not take him home”

Aron was three days old when we received the life-altering news of his diagnosis of Trisomy 21. I was shocked and crying so badly when the doctor said ‘There’s not much hope for his outcome. Don’t expect anything, do not expect a miracle. You’d better leave Aron in the hospital, do not take him home.’

We did not take his advice and we took Aron home. HE IS OUR SON. And his siblings, Daniel, 5 years old, and Dora, 3 years old, were waiting for him at home.

Aron did not speak at all, he could not see, hear, or breathe well

Our struggles with Aron began then, he did not eat, he was so weak. He could not breathe properly and had an intestinal problem requiring surgery.

When Aron was three years old, he did not speak at all, he could not see, hear, or breathe well either. A friend told us about The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, and we inquired about it.

Our family life was organized around the daily activities.

After attending the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course, we decided to give a chance to the program that my husband and I had learned about.

Daniel and Dora, and their friends all wanted to help, so we made a gym, and our family life was organized around the daily activities. We needed creativity and imagination to encourage Aron to move, he just wanted to sit all day and he did not move at all, so we all became monkeys playing in a jungle, and more!

We worked hard, and the results were outstanding! By the time Aron was four years old, he was much healthier. Previously, he had been in the hospital constantly with bronchitis and breathing problems. Now it had been a year since he had been hospitalized or even ill.

Aron was understanding at his age level, he began speaking in sentences

He was able to walk but he would stop after a short distance. Now he walked 2.5 km in less than an hour and had begun to run. He could not walk up and down the stairs but now he could do so since his depth perception improved. He was understanding at his age level and began speaking in sentences. He loved to learn, and he started reading and doing math.

We went for an appointment with Aron, and we decided to participate in the Intensive Treatment Program with him.

Four years of hard work and accomplishment

All in all, we accomplished a home treatment program of patterning, crawling, creeping, walking, running, brachiation, gymnastics, reading, math, encyclopedic knowledge, respiratory programs, and healthy nutrition for four years.

My thought was we would put four years into Aron’s development and receive 18 years back and that is exactly WHAT HAPPENED.

When Aron was eight years old, he entered school with his peers, and today, at 23 years of age, he is independent in every way.  When his father and I travel out of town for our work, he continues his schooling, traveling independently to and from another town, and making his own meals, and keeping the house in order when he returns.

“I love my life!”

He keeps himself physically active, swimming, taking long bike rides, and skiing. He enjoys the creative arts, he is an actor in a local theatre, he is a film maker, a painter, and a music aficionado.

Best of all, Aron says everyday “I love my life,” and we think of our days with the Staff of The Institutes in Philadelphia, the warm loving family our family became a part of, and how thankful we are we did the program all those years ago.

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