Developmental Delay: Diego Success Story

After eight years treading water, Mother tells us what her little boy accomplished in five short months


Deep in my heart, I always knew something was wrong with Diego. However, it was not until he was two years old when I started asking myself “Why can’t my son say any words?” At that time, Diego could only say the letter “e”. It was then when we started looking for answers and doing all kinds of studies and therapies to try to help Diego to talk.

At first, nobody agreed with me. Diego’s pediatrician always told me “Men take longer to mature” (referring to Diego’s sister, who has been talking 24/7 since she was one year old). Not even my husband agreed with me. He told me: “I think Diego is normal, but if you think he has something wrong, let’s do everything necessary until we find the truth.” Over time, we realized that my hunch was correct.

One year old

Diego couldn’t walk, or say a word. He didn’t creep or crawl… well, actually, he did crawl, but in a very unusual way: He used to push himself backwards.

The worst part of Diego’s case is that no one could ever give us a specific diagnosis. Everyone agreed that Diego was not developing well, but nobody could ever tell us why, or how to cure it. There were doctors who told us that children like Diego were called “gray children”, because they didn’t fit into any specific condition.


Two years old

Although Diego could already walk, he only crawled for a few weeks and he never moved forward. In those days, he could only say the letter “e”.

A language specialist recommended that we enroll him in school, so he could imitate his classmates and start talking.


Four years old

After two years in several schools with different systems (Montessori, traditional, active and so forth), and after two years of doing all kinds of therapies, Diego could barely speak as well as a baby. It was very difficult for him to learn even the simplest things. He had poor retention and was very uncoordinated. He constantly fell down and he hit doors, walls and furniture anywhere he walked.


Six years old

Diego was now in his sixth school. He couldn’t read or write, he used incomplete words and he couldn’t hop on one foot.

One professional told us – no matter how much we did, our son would not have any chance of being well, and that we should give up our idea that our son would ever be a regular child and that he would always be bullied by other children. And finally, Diego would always have a very low IQ.


Eight years old

We attended the What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child course. The most important thing that we got from the course was first to understand that Diego had a brain injury. But, above all, that it was treatable and that, if we treat him with the appropriate intensity, frequency, and duration, Diego could become a regular child… or perhaps even more.

Then, Diego visited The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential for first time. He was evaluated as having a neurological age of 2 years and 9 months. There was no more time to loose. Bring on that program!

Five months later

Diego goes back to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential:

• He lost more than 11 pounds!

• He is crawling 1,600 meters and creeping 600 meters every day!

• He can brachiate on an overhead ladder four laps non-stop independently.

• He can hop on one foot many times.

• Every day he surprises us with a new complex phrase… totally out of the blue.

• He is starting to read and write.

• He learned to ride a bicycle – without those little wheels – in just one afternoon.


Nobody can bully him anymore. Diego is more confident than he has ever been in his whole life. At his evaluation, we received the news that Diego’s neurological age increased two years and one month during the first five months of his treatment program.


We are far from our goal… but finally we have found our way to get there.

Diego has improved so much in his first five months of treatment that we now know that our son can really achieve everything that he wants – even things that we didn’t think he would be capable of and that, although it won’t be easy, he has a bright future waiting for him ahead.


We tell other parents never give up. That there is a solution. And that is called “The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential”. And once you finally get there, the road will not be easy at all, that every day you will have to work harder than you ever did in your life, but every single day will be worth it, because each day that you complete those hard tasks and those impossible objectives, little by little, you will realize that the treatment works, that your kid gets better and better… and that our son deserves all that effort and dedication.

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