Developmental Delay Success Story: Reagan 12/00/2014

Developmental Delay Success Story: Reagan is 6 years old. When Reagan was born, she did not have a birth cry and had difficulty breathing. Within the first week of life, Reagan had difficulty eating and at 6 days old she began having seizures. As she grew, she did not make her milestones and slept too much. Her muscle tone was very abnormal. After being diagnosed with global developmental delay, doctors told parents that they did not know why she was the way she was, but the sooner parents accepted it the better. This was not an option for Reagan’s parents.

When Reagan was just a few months old, her parents found the work of the Institutes and came to Philadelphia to learn more. They first attended the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course, and at the course, they were able to design a treatment program that they could carry out at home with Reagan.

When parents brought 20 month old Reagan to the Institutes, she was not able to move. She could not make many sounds and was very irritable. She did not like being in crowded places.

Reagan and her parents have done the program for 4 years. Although the journey has been challenging, Reagan has defied the prognosis doctors had given to her and has made wonderful changes. By the age of 4, she was able to read.

Reagan loves to learn with Bits of Intelligence

At home, she is increasingly independent. While on the program, she first learned to crawl on her belly, and then began creeping on her hands and knees. Reagan then began to stand up and now walks for the first time in her life. Watch a video below of her taking steps.

Congratulations to Reagan and her family for their hard work and their incredible achievements!

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