Developmental Delay Success Story: Krishna

Krishna began far behind his peers but today he is one of the top students in his class!


As a baby, Krishna developed slowly. Mother noticed that by the age of 9 months, he wasn’t yet creeping on his hands and knees like other babies were. He was generally slower than other children in meeting milestones. When he was four years old, his language was significantly behind age level and physically he was more cautious than his peers. When he ran, one foot turned inward. He was diagnosed as having a developmental and speech delay.

Krishna often tuned out, was sensitive to sounds and touch, outside he clung to his parents and was prone to temper tantrums.

Krishna’s parents attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course. Mother immediately implemented a nutrition program, and the digestive issues he had previously disappeared. When Krishna was six, his parents brought him for his first evaluation at The Institutes. At that time Krishna had trouble going up and down stairs, and he could not catch a ball. He often tuned out everyday conversations or paid too close attention to sounds in the distance. He was very sensitive to touch. He could not button or tie his shoes. His speech was repetitive, and he did not speak clearly. He was prone to temper tantrums, and often clung to his parents when he was in unfamiliar environments.

Krishna and his parents embarked on the Intensive Treatment Program, and soon his mother wrote: “In just seven weeks of achieving our daily targets in the physical program, it was a miracle to see him talk so much better. It was also wonderful that for the first time he was not petite anymore, and he started looking big enough for his age. His hand function began to improve, and so did his appetite!”
Just weeks after starting the program mother says “it was a miracle to see him talk so much better!”
Krishna also was given a specialized nutrition program, which mother says, “did such obvious wonders for our son that it became the program for the whole family. Our choices for food became healthier ones.” Krishna was so enthused by how well he now felt, that he became a strong advocate for making healthy choices. He convinced his parents to hand out pencils, instead of candy, during Halloween!
Reading was an important part of Krishna’s Intellectual Program – increased print size made a big difference for him.

After three years on the Intensive Treatment Program, mother states, “He breathes well, sleeps well, has good energy and good health, and he has a strong resistance to illness.”
Krishna is no longer overly sensitive to sound or touch. When it comes to physical stamina, he is now above his age level, running 5 kilometers in 35 minutes and running 200 miles in a two-month period. He is also a proficient gymnast.

Brachiating was very helpful for Krishna’s writing.

Recently, Krishna began attending school with his peers, and he earned a perfect score on all seven of the exams he took. His teacher writes, “I am so impressed by the hard work that he puts in, his excellent memory, strong work ethic and clear mastery of different materials…he is one of the best students in class.”

Krishna works hard and enjoys intellectual pursuits.

Krishna is a great older brother, and he enthusiastically accomplishes many household responsibilities to help his parents and younger sister.

Mother writes of Krishna’s experience on the program that one of the best outcomes of all is “the joy, love, camaraderie, and bond we’ve come to share as a family.”

The best outcome: “The bond we have come to share as a family”

Krishna has progressed to the point where he is ready to take his place with his peers.
If he does well, we fully expect that in one year from now we will all be celebrating his full graduation.

We congratulate Krishna and his wonderful family for their determination and hard work.

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