Developmental Delay Success Story: Ana Isabel 12/18/2014

Severe Brain-injury: Ana Isabel’s Story

Developmental Delay Success Story

Ana Isabel’s story is written by her parents. Ana and her parents achieved all of these results at home through hard work and determination while on The Intensive Treatment Program.

Ana Isabel was born in March 1999 and due to complications during labor she suffered a severe brain injury that affected her development. With sadness we saw that our baby’s development wasn’t normal. She didn’t sit, turn, creep, or walk at the expected age; she had a noticeable developmental delay. In addition, we didn’t have a clear explanation, diagnosis, or prognosis that would give us hope.

Developmental Delay Success Story

Ana Isabel was delayed in her mobility development

When she was four years old, she would drool all the time and had balance problems that caused her to fall constantly when standing. Her movements weren’t coordinated and it was difficult for her to eat independently. Her language wasn’t understandable to other people, which was frustrating.

Developmental Delay Success Story

Ana Isabel’s parents saw that she was struggling in many areas of function

We knew that she was an intelligent child, but she didn’t look it. Strong sounds would startle her easily and her reactions were exaggerated. Also, she had gastroesophageal reflux and respiratory infections, which kept us constantly seeing doctors; her health got worse as she grew older.

Developmental Delay Success Story

Gymnastics was a part of Ana Isabel’s treatment program, and she became a wonderful gymnast

Finally we stopped consulting specialists and began to look for information on our own. We found and read the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read. There we found The Institutes contact information, which changed forever Ana’s life and that of our family.

Ana began The Institutes program in 2003, and only a couple of weeks after starting it we saw hopeful changes. The changes began to occur in all areas of her development. In terms of her health, the new diet, the vitamins, the patterning, and the physiological program created noticeable changes.

Now she’s 15 years old and is in tenth grade in a highly academic school in Guatemala. Not only is she at her grade level, but also she has shown academic excellence. She’s independent in her studies and well respected by her classmates and teachers. To date she continues swimming and gymnastics as part of her life.

Developmental Delay Success Story

Ana still stays physically active and healthy

In her words, “My main goals are to be a wife, a mother, and a businesswoman.” Now she is analyzing her options while choosing a university career, and she’s studying methods of investing in the stock market.

She’s at the adolescence stage and has excellent self-esteem. She lives with optimism and a lot of happiness, while she’s aware of her brain injury and the limitations she has still to overcome. She’s an enthusiast teenager, one who is positive, happy, dynamic, and daring.

Developmental Delay Success Story

There are no obstacles holding Ana Isabel back anymore

Developmental Delay Success Story

Ana Isabel and her proud family on her 15th birthday

As a family, we see everything in the past with thankfulness and satisfaction for a girl who didn’t have a future. Now she’s an adolescent with a promising future. She’s brilliant and absolutely independent; she makes decisions and sets goals to surpass. She lives with happiness. Ana Isabel doesn’t seem to know the words “that’s impossible,” because all that was thought to be impossible in her life stopped existing.

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