Cerebral Palsy Success Story: Caleb 4/9/2015

Cerebral Palsy: Don’t tell Caleb he can’t get better – he won’t believe you.

Caleb and his Mom

When Caleb’s parents were told that their son had Cerebral Palsy, doctors told them that his prognosis was poor and his future looked bleak. His mother, who works in the health care industry, was stunned by the diagnosis and the prognosis she had been given.

Despite being given such tragic news, his parents refused to accept that Caleb could not improve and progress, and they made plans to attend the What To Do About Your Brain- Injured Child course. Caleb’s dad came to the course first, when Caleb was 2½ years old. Caleb was totally unable to move at the time and said only a few words. His dad began implementing The Institutes’ program. His father made sure to give Caleb ample opportunity to be on the floor in the prone position, to help him begin the pathway toward crawling.

Caleb and his Dad

Parents began to see immediate progress, and mother made plans to attend the next course two months later. When mother attended the course, Caleb had already begun to make good progress. Since beginning the program just 2 months earlier, he had started to crawl and was crawling about 40 meters in a day.

Caleb’s mother talks about her experience at the course.

Immediately after mother attended the course, parents brought Caleb to The Institutes for an initial appointment. Caleb was evaluated and staff members were very impressed by his progress. The staff then designed a new treatment program for Caleb to do at home. His program included an individualized Nutrition Program, an expanded Physical Program to get Caleb moving more and more, as well as a Reading Program to begin the pathway of getting Caleb reading.

Caleb at the Institutes

Caleb and his parents just returned to The Institutes for his second visit. Caleb has continued to inspire his parents and the staff with his hard work and wonderful progress. He is now crawling over 100 meters daily, all over the house. He crawls across a room with ease, to get anything he wants (usually a book!). Caleb learned to read very quickly and loves to show off his reading ability to his family. He is now only three years old and is starting to read short books independently. He has gone from saying a few words to using 20 words, many couplets, and even short phrases.

Mother describes Caleb’s progress after the program begins.

Caleb has made very significant progress. Although he has been on the program for less than a year, he is already crawling, understanding at age level, speaking, and reading. Mother says, “We have always seen daily miracles, but we’re seeing huge miracles now, and so I see him walking soon… He’s going to be a well kid.”

**te Caleb and his family for their hard work and determination. We are all looking forward to seeing Caleb continue on his pathway to wellness.

Learn more about children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy**][cerebral-palsy/ “Cerebral Palsy”]

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