Cerebral Palsy Paralyzed and Speechless

Hope for parents help for Hana.

Hana at birth not an easy beginning to her life.

Hana was born 72 days prematurely. At first, she did not have any problems, but after a month, her ultrasound showed abnormalities and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to bilateral periventricular leukomalacia.

Prognosis: Hana would never walk or talk

The doctor’s explanation was superficial and impersonal. Basically, we were told that she would probably never breathe and swallow on her own, let alone talk and walk.

At that moment, our world collapsed. We always read about such stories and never thought that we would ever have to face such problems. As it is usually done in our country, we started a physical therapy at a Rehabilitation Institute and hoped for positive results. After a few years, it was clear to us that this program was not sufficient for her.

We needed simple logical answers

We started searching for other options. We spoke with other parents trying to get the word out that we needed different suggestions and further guidance.

Mother and Father attended the What To Do About Your Brain-injured Child course at The Institutes in Philadelphia

Then, our attention was drawn to an article, a blog written by one mother, commenting on their progress and mentioning The Institutes, so we applied for the What To Do About Your brain-injured Child course. The course gave us gave us simple and logical answers to all the problems that we were facing.

Hana’s progress has been remarkable

Hana is no longer paralyzed now she creeps all over the house.

Hana’s progress so far is remarkable. From a girl who couldn’t move from one point to another, she turned into a girl who creeps all over the house. She is able to sit by herself and is currently learning how to walk.

Not able to talk? Hana is now fluent in two languages

Hana walks the overhead ladder the final step before independent walking – stay tuned.

She can speak fluently in her native language (Slovene) and she also speaks English. She has come a long way from that initial prognosis.

Hana is a very good reader now she enjoys her intellectual program as she does her physical program.

Math can be fun. Hana loves all aspects of learning with her mother.

The decision to start the Intensive Treatment Program was the best thing that we did. We only regret that we did not learn about The Institutes sooner. We would encourage all the parents of special needs kids to attend the course at The Institutes and to start the program

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