Brain Injured Child Course Review

Brain Injured Child Course Review

I didn’t dream I’d be exposed to this much information in five days. I am so pleased that I came. Our daughter’s condition has changed our lives. This course surely will change it again. — Father, USA

I found genuinely honest and courageous people presenting the truth about brain-injured people, and the potential to change the situation. In my experience, people who talk about difficult truths are often unpopular. It was a privilege to be exposed to the staff of The Institutes presenting its course. — Grandmother, Israel

Amazing Teachers

This is the first time I’ve attended a training institute where I actually felt the staff loved and believed in what they were doing and teaching. It was a pleasure to hear over and over again that a brain-injured child can be helped and had potential. — Father, Denmark

Not only do these professionals have explanations and treatment, but they care and it shows. They care for every child who has come and every child that will come in the future, and we (parents) all felt that. — Mother, USA

It was everything I expected and a thousand times more. It is so wonderful to finally understand why the things I have been told to do don’t work and simply don’t make sense. It is wonderful to listen to so many people talk about the joy they have in helping our kids instead of slamming the door on them. — Mother, Australia

Changed Our Lives

brain injured child course reviewYou have given me the real ability to see through her eyes to ultimately understand what she needs, and finally to do something about what she needs in order that her intelligence may be expressed wholly and limitlessly. — Mother, USA

This changes our whole world – not just our daughter’s future, but the whole family. Now we have a battle plan and the appropriate weapons with which to fight. We now understand her amazing potential and the value of every wasted opportunity. Her environment will change to make it easier for her to succeed, eliminating many frustrations for her, my husband, and myself. — Mother, USA

Invaluable Learning

I learned that I can grow my child’s brain and give him the best opportunity, time, tools, and love to help him grow into a well child. — Mother, USA

I learned that the hope and faith we had for our daughter wasn’t just an awful form of denial because we wouldn’t accept what the doctors said. — Mother, USA