What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child Course

brain injured child courseThe What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child Course is an intensive course conducted at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. It consists of more than fifty hours of lectures, demonstrations and practical teaching concerning child brain development in the brain-injured child.

We Have More Than A Half Century Of Experience

Parents come from all over the world to learn how to significantly increase their child’s mobility, intelligence and social growth and to improve their health and physical growth. What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child Course is a comprehensive course that provides parents with vital information to place their child on the pathway to wellness.

A Unique Experience For Parents

Teachers Who Really Care
The Institutes staff provides expert instruction to insure that parents understand the fundamentals of brain growth and development. They also offer practical know-how gained from years of first-hand experience with a wide range of brain-injured children. The staff is available throughout the course to answer questions and get to know each parent.

Are You Prepared
No parent ever expects to have a brain-injured or hurt child. Parents often feel lost and alone with a serious problem to solve. The course gives parents the opportunity to attend a school designed just for them. By the end of the course, parents have new answers to old questions and real solutions to help their child when they return home.

Is It Worth It?
The Institutes is aware of the sacrifices that parents make to attend the course, often traveling thousands of miles to do so. Overwhelmingly parents say that it is worth the time, the effort, and the resources. Parents often comment that the course teaches them how to bring their whole family together as a team to help their hurt child. Couples who attend say they are closer and more appreciative of each other as a result. After completing the course, parents can receive on-going support and information by attending The Institutes Lecture Series or by joining The Intensive Treatment Program.

Success Stories

“Please don’t wait one more minute. Immediately get the book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child. Take the future of your child into your own hands, and throw the life preserver! This very well could be the answer for someone you love.” – Mother, USA

“Don’t waste another day. Don’t go through years of miserable failure only to come full circle. This is the answer.” – Mother, USA

“Do whatever it takes to get to the course. These five days will forever change your life and, more importantly, your brain-injured child’s life.” – Mother, USA

“Forget everything you have been told in the past. This program is priceless.” – Father, USA

“Run, don’t walk, to this course. If you have a child with a brain injury, you owe it to yourself and your child to give him this wonderful opportunity at normalcy.” – Father, USA

“Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Everyday you spend with your brain-injured child without this knowledge is precious time you have wasted.” – Mother, USA

Are You Ready To Put Your Child On The Pathway To Wellness?

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We Believe Parents Are The Best Therapists

The Institutes strongly believes that children do best at home with their mothers and fathers. When parents know how to provide an ideal environment for brain growth, they are the best teachers for their child. When the family learns how to work as a team, parents can achieve significant results. The family is the answer -— not the problem.


Parents who have enrolled in the brain injured child course should read all the course information carefully so that they arrive well prepared and ready to learn. This is an exciting week and it is carefully organized to enable each parent to learn a tremendous amount about human brain function.

The single most important preparation for a parent who attends this course is to read the book What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by Glenn Doman. The course covers every aspect of brain injury, from the mildest to the most profound. This course is designed to answer a vast number of questions that parents have regarding their child.

The staff will endeavor to answer every question for which they believe they have an answer. The course consists of lectures, demonstrations and opportunities to practice techniques.