Autism Success Story: Sean 5/21/2015

Symptomatic Label “Autism” Outcome: The Dean’s List _ Sean Carves His Own Pathway To Wellness

Sean was diagnosed as autistic and as having a “non-verbal learning disorder.” Along with these diagnoses his parents were given a frightening prognosis. When Sean was 11 years old, his parents first learned about the work of The Institutes.

When Sean was born, he was pale and had respiratory problems immediately after birth. Doctors found that his lungs were filled with fluid, and he had difficulty breathing for the first hour of life as his doctors worked to clear his lungs. He needed to be medicated at birth. He had poor muscle tone and was a colicky baby.

While the first months of his life were not easy, Sean’s condition appeared to improve, and his parents believed he was developing normally, like any other child. However, when Sean started school, he had difficulty keeping up with other children. By the fourth grade, his teacher told his parents that he was disorganized and was having difficulty with school assignments. He was also having difficulty dealing with the social aspects of the classroom. Reading and writing were very difficult for him, and he just wasn’t able to keep up.

Autism Success Story Sean

Looking for answers for Sean, his parents attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course. When his parent brought Sean for his first appointment to The Institutes to be evaluated, they expressed concern that he was not reading or writing at age level, his understanding was not as good as his peers, he walked and ran poorly, and he did not behave appropriately for his age. They reported that his language was not as good as that of his brother, who was two years younger.

As soon as they returned home, Sean and his parents got to work on the program outlined for Sean at The Institutes. This included a physical program of crawling and creeping, a reading program, a comprehensive nutritional program, and tactile stimulation.

Autism Success Story Sean Crawling

Sean was a highly intelligent boy, but had difficulty reading because he had visual problems that made it difficult for him to use both eyes together to converge properly. This neurological problem made reading and writing very difficult. His parents were shown how to create reading materials for Sean that would allow him to read easily while the program he was doing addressed his visual problems. This allowed Sean to progress in his reading, writing, and other academic subjects.

Autism Success Story Sean Reading

Sean improved intellectually and physically. He became physically excellent with his intense physical program. He started on an excellent diet of healthy, fresh food, and his health improved significantly.

Once Sean became better coordinated, physically stronger and healthier, he told his parents that he enjoyed physical activity. He began to do gymnastics as part of his home treatment program, and was soon good enough to participate in competitive gymnastics. In one of his first competitions, he ranked in the top ten out of 60 competitors in the vault event.

Sean in a gymnastics competition

The boy who used to have reading problems was now a bookworm. He was reading 75 to 100 pages daily with ease. His reading speed and comprehension were at age level. His math and writing had greatly improved as well.

He also became independent in all aspects of daily life. He was now completing his entire home treatment program independently. He planned and prepared his daily meals, did all of his own laundry, and helped care for his younger siblings. He was now 12 years old and had more responsibility and maturity than other kids his age.

Parents felt that Sean was ready to return to school at the age of 12 years. This was an important transition, to see if Sean could succeed where he once had great difficulty just keeping up with the other kids.

Since returning to school, Sean has done superb academic work. He is now in the tenth grade and scores all A’s and B’s on his exams. He has been on the Dean’s List twice. He has now become a successful competitive swimmer.

For Sean and his family, it has been an amazing journey – Sean has gone from being the boy who could not make it in school no matter how hard he tried to being the student at the top of his class today.

Autism Success Story Sean Today

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