ADD and Developmental Delay: A Story of Success

A Label of ADD & Developmental Delay is Overcome!

Andres proves that the brain does grow by use and that a label of ADD doesn’t have to be devastating.


Life was tough for baby Andres.

His parents sensed that something was very wrong, but doctors told them not to worry.

When Andres was born, he was cyanotic and could not breathe. It had been a prolonged and difficult labor for mother, and he had no birth cry; doctors immediately had to revive him. He needed to be incubated and was given oxygen. Andres was a very quiet baby for the first year of life, and he did not move his arms or legs. He had a hard time eating as well. His parents sensed that something was very wrong, but doctors told them not to worry.

Andres was delayed in reaching just about every milestone in his development. He did not walk until he was 30 months old. His ability to use his hands was poor. When parents sent him to preschool, it was obvious he was behind the other children. At the age of 3, doctors agreed with his parents that Andres was delayed compared to his peers. Andres was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

ADD & Developmental Delay — Our Programs Work

Parents were not given any hope that Andres could possibly catch up or be like other children.


Andres struggled at school.

Parents were not given any hope that Andres could possibly catch up or be like other children. They learned about the work of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course. Parents brought Andres, then 3 years old, to The Institutes to be evaluated. After their visit there they concluded that, “The Institutes are the only place that proposed our son can be well. They are our hope.”

While Andres was 3 years old, he was functioning at an 18-month-old level in nearly every way. He could understand basic concepts, and he spoke words but not clearly. He was not able to use two hands together to unscrew bottles or pour. Andres was chronically ill – he constantly regurgitated his food after eating and had to go to the doctor nearly every month. His mobility was delayed and he was unable to run.


Andres could not run like other kids.

Andres’s parents did not hesitate to start an intensive treatment program at home. They made sure to take him outside every day to walk and run in different environments to improve his mobility. He was given a specialized Nutrition Program to improve his health and remove foods that were problematic for him. While Andres was just 3 years old, his parents followed The Institutes recommendations and started teaching their son to read.


Andres loved learning to read.

Andres began to improve in nearly every area of function.

After their second visit to The Institutes, Andres’s parents added other programs to improve his intellectual growth, including providing a program of encyclopedic knowledge and Mathematics. Parents observed that Andres quickly absorbed information that he read in books or through his encyclopedic knowledge program.


Parents made sure that their home program provided a rich source of information that Andres loved. They were not going to let a label of ADD or Developmental Delay hinder the physical and emotional growth of their beloved child, Andres.

Andres began to improve in nearly every area of function. He began to read words, and his understanding gradually increased until it was at age level.  He also began to run, achieving 200 meters nonstop.


Andres made running look easy


Brachiation was very important for Andres’s vision and manual competence.

His reading, spelling and writing are now above his age level.

It has been quite a journey for Andres. He has made incredible progress along the way. Andres loves to read even though he is only 8 years old, he is reading books at a 10-year-old level now. In the last year he also learned to write and he writes in paragraphs now.


His spelling and writing is now well above age level.  

His math ability is also above age level, and he is excellent at multiplication tables.

Alex is now six years of age. He is intellectually, physically, and socially excellent, as well as very healthy. He is at least at his age level in all areas – and in many areas he is above age level. He impresses everyone he meets with his intelligence and wit, physical ability, and kindness and social ability.


Andres can do this multiplication, but what is even more important– he loves mathematics.

Andres says “Mom, I think my brain is working well now.”

He runs 1.6 km daily and does gymnastics. He has learned to ride a bike and does this as a reward. The content and vocabulary of his speech is above his age level. Despite these many impressive achievements, strangers are most impressed by Andres’s social graces, kindness, and maturity. He has 50 responsibilities that he carries out at home to take care of himself and his family. He is now very independent, and parents report he is “leading the way” in nearly every way.

At his last visit to The Institutes, Andres told his mother, “Mom, I think my brain is working well now.” He notices that he can now easily and independently do tasks that had seemed almost impossible. His mother makes sure to advise parents just starting the program, “The program is always challenging, but keep doing it, and you will see the results.”

His teachers at school are impressed by his intellectual and social abilities.


Today Andres is a confident and happy boy.

In the last year, Andres began to attend school, where he has received excellent grades in Spanish, English, and Math. His teachers are impressed by his intellectual and social abilities – they have a very hard time believing that he ever had a problem at all!

The staff of The Institutes congratulate Andres and his family for everything they have accomplished. It is clear that Andres is ready to take his place with his peers. His parents are confident that Andres now has the skills he needs to venture out into the world and thrive. He has already achieved so much. We look forward to hearing about all he achieves in the future.


Graduation: Andres with his proud parents and Spencer Doman, his staff advocate.

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