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Child Brain Development — Celebrating 60 Years of Research

On the 6th of May The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential began the celebration of six decades of work in the field of child brain development. Banners were hung on the campus of The Institutes celebrating the staff that helped to establish The Institutes as we know it today.


Last week child brain developmentalists, educators, and scientists gathered at The Institutes for the 60th Meeting of the World Organization for Human Potential. The World Organization exists to accelerate the progress of the children of the world toward the achievement of their potential, to condemn customs and practices that are clearly harmful to the progress of the children of the world, to actively promote the international exchange of information and knowledge in the human sciences and to recognize excellence and to provide a forum whereby others may recognize excellence in the achievement of human potential.


This year we welcomed outstanding scientists from Italy, England, Japan and the United States. Speakers taught about nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen, the treatment of children diagnosed with Trisomy 21, the results of intensive neurological treatment for brain-injured children, and the creation of The Pathway to Excellence for well children.


The young students of the Evan Thomas Institute provided drama for the event by presenting their 2015 production of Macbeth and their annual Family Concert where students welcome grandparents, mothers, fathers, older sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles to join them on the stage.


The ceremonies of The World Organization are the yearly opportunity to recognize outstanding humanitarians who have made significant contributions to children of the world both hurt and well.

Sixty years ago there were no child brain developmentalists. It was thought that once the brain was injured there was no remedy. Brain-injured people were often medicated, warehoused and sometimes – forgotten. For sixty years The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential have been teaching that brain growth and development are a dynamic ever-changing process that can been speeded and enhanced by stimulation and opportunity. Thousands of parents the world over have learned, when they come to The Institutes, that “The brain grows by use.”


The hottest word in neurophysiology today is “neuroplasticity.” It’s a wonderful new word. It means “The brain grows by use”.

Our thanks to everyone who has been part of The Institutes journey in the last 60 years: the wonderful staff – past and present – who have left no stone unturned in their efforts to forge a pathway to wellness for every child, the parents who fight the good fight and never give up, our friends who have provided the fuel to keep us going through thick and thin, and our brilliant children who never cease to amaze and inspire us.

We love you each and every one.

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