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iahp programsThe Institutes treatment program for brain-injured children and adults is unique and is a result of more than a half-century of pioneering work. The clinical search for answers to the problems of brain-injured children and adults is a dynamic process as better and faster solutions are developed and put into practice.

Originally, the treatment program was conducted at The Institutes on an inpatient basis. However, the staff and parents working together discovered that a home treatment program produces greater changes in the child than even the finest inpatient treatment program.

Since this discovery, The Institutes has devoted its time and energy to developing and teaching treatment IAHP programs to parents who then use those programs to develop their children at home.

Since its inception in 1955, The Institutes has succeeded in substantially changing the world’s attitude toward the brain-injured child. Some continue to believe that to speak of making a brain- injured child completely well is a contradiction in terms. Many of the methods pioneered by The Institutes, such as the use of the floor, crawling, creeping, patterning, early reading, math, and encyclopedic knowledge programs, the appreciation of the central nervous system as a sensory-motor cybernetic system, the elimination of braces and calipers, careful nutritional programs and many others are now in general use.

Other methods developed at The Institutes are not yet in use by other organizations. Some of these programs are coma arousal, respiratory patterning, oxygen enrichment, detoxification, pro-gravitational and anti-gravitational environments, brain integration and intellectual, social and language development programs.

The Institutes offers seven treatment programs for children that parents can use at home. The outlines of each program below are for parents to choose which IAHP programs will be best for their child.

The IAHP programs range from the Home Study Program, which can be undertaken by almost any parent, all the way to the Intensive Treatment Program, which is the most comprehensive and demanding program and produces the greatest chance of achieving significant results in the child.

Program I

iahp programs

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The Home Study Program

The Home Study Program consists of reading What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by
Glenn Doman. The parents on the Home Study Program should read this book very carefully. Parents may wish to read the book several times, so that they are con dent that they understand its contents. They may then design a program to use with their child. The program should take into account the needs of the child, the amount of time and energy that the family wishes to devote to the program and the family’s aspiration for their child. The family then uses the program they have designed to treat their child.

Program II


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The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course

This is an intensive course conducted at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. It consists of more than fifty hours of lectures, demonstrations and practical teaching concerning child brain development in the brain-injured child. The course covers every aspect of brain injury, from the mildest to the most profound and goes over 30 different areas of importance in dealing with the brain-injured child. This course is designed to answer a vast number of questions that parents have regarding their child. The staff will endeavor to answer every question for which they believe they have an answer.

Program III


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The Home Program Consultation

The Home Program Consultation enables parents to receive a review of the program they designed for their child after attending the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course. The Institutes staff do a consultation to help parents to be certain that the program they designed is appropriate for their child. It is recommended that they do this program every day so that parents can experience doing a neurological program at home and hopefully observe significant improvement in their child. The Institutes staff carefully reviews the Home Program History and the evaluation and then contacts the parents.

Program IV


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The Lecture Series

This six-part program consists of more than 80 hours of lectures. It includes demonstrations by the staff, parents and children enrolled in our Intensive Treatment Program. In addition there is a comprehensive review of the results of treatment of children in the Intensive Treatment Program at each Lecture Series. Each two-day lecture series contains lectures on mobility growth, intellectual growth and physiological growth. As the Lecture Series Program advances, social growth is also included. Each lecture series is a steppingstone for the subsequent lecture series and must be attended in the sequence outlined.

Program V


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The Aspirant Program

The Aspirant Program provides a treatment program for parents who want their children accepted onto the Intensive Treatment Program in the future. This is a preparatory step that allows the family to understand child brain development in depth. The staff takes a full history of the child and does a functional neurological evaluation. Each child receives a program that addresses that child’s physical, intellectual, social and physiological needs. The primary area of injury determines the focus of the program being designed. The treatment program is designed so that a child on the Aspirant Program may have the benefit of a home program created by the staff of The Institutes.

Program VI


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The Evaluation & Program Visit

The Evaluation & Program Visit lasts two full days. A full initial developmental history of the child is done and carefully reviewed. Each child is thoroughly evaluated. This evaluation includes a functional neurological evaluation that is reviewed with the parents, and an Institutes Developmental Profile is made for each child. A child’s neurological growth rate is determined, as well as a complete functional diagnosis of the areas of brain injury. This treatment program allows the child to receive the bene t of a home program created by the staff of The Institutes.

Program VII


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The Intensive Treatment Program

The child admitted to the Intensive Treatment Program is seen approximately every six months. Each of the visits is one week in length: a day of history and evaluation, two full days of lectures, and two days to learn the new program. The lectures provide the principles and techniques necessary to understand and carry out mobility, intellectual, physiological, and social programs designed by the staff for each child. These lectures are carefully organized so that theybecome more sophisticated as the knowledge and experience of each parent grows.