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What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child is a comprehensive course that provides parents with vital information on how to significantly increase their child’s mobility, intelligence, and social growth, and to improve their health and physical growth.


Parents are the best therapists:

The Institutes strongly believes that children do best at home with their mothers and fathers. When parents know how to provide an ideal environment for brain growth, they are the best teachers for their child. When the family learns how to work as a team, parents can achieve significant results. The family is the answer – not the problem.

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Children may have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, or learning problems. The Institutes treats the full spectrum of children – from those who are blind, deaf, paralyzed, insensate, and speechless to those who have learning problems.—and every kind of brain-injured child in between. 

No child is ever turned down because of the severity of the brain injury. The Institutes provides help for all brain-injured children.

What parents say:


“The explanation the IAHP course gives on brain injury is like no other, it is scientific and understandable to any parent at the same time. We felt 100% confident that IAHP knows that everything will be okay for our son and that they can help us to help him reach his maximum potential. This program along with love and nurture is in my opinion the best thing any parent can do for their brain injured child. Attending the IAHP What To Do course is the single most important thing we have done for our son besides give him all the love we have in our hearts to give.”

– Mother, South Australia


“The What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course is a life changing experience for any parent of a brain injured child. Whether you choose to undertake the full therapy program or not, the knowledge you will gain from the program about how your child’s brain operates is second to none. You will not regret being part of the program and you will leave feeling empowered as a parent to really be able to help your child.”

– Mother, Queensland


“It was everything I expected and a thousand times more. It is so wonderful to finallyunderstand why the things I have been told to do don’t work and simply don’t make sense. It is wonderful to listen to so many people talk about the joy they have in helping our kids instead of slamming the door on them.”

 Mother, Australia


“There are so many things in thiscourse that alone make up for the expense in timeand money. I just cannot see how anyone could walk away without a ton of gold for themselves. To move from uncertainty and fear into a space of possibility and inspiration, and concrete tools to achieve goals, is quite simply priceless.”

– Mother, Victoria


Some Graduates of the 2014 Course in Melbourne

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March 2016

Dear Parents,

Our friends in Australia have been very busy seeking support and sponsorship that would make it possible to do the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course in Melbourne beginning on Sunday, 28 August 2016. 

Their fundraising activities have been successful, and our parents will be able to attend this course with a significantly reduced expense fee. The expense fees for each parent would normally be US $1,000 or more. Even though the costs of doing the course in Melbourne are considerable, The Grow Foundation has donated funds that will allow us to decrease this expense fee to US $600 per parent. 

This is an extraordinary opportunity for the parents of hurt children in Australia. We are deeply appreciative of the generosity of The Grow Foundation. 

Now we have to be sure that our enrollment is completed as soonas possible sothat we can confirm the reservations for the members of the staff from The Institutes who will be traveling to Australia to present the course. We cannot do so without knowing if you will be enrolling.

The course will be held at the:

Parkview Hotel

562 St Kilda Road

Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

Toll Free Telephone: 1300785453

Telephone: 613-9529-8888

Fax: 613-9525-1242


If you wish to attend, please contact us immediately.

Please contact our registrar, Harriet Pinsker. Harriet’s telephone number is +1-215-233-2050, extension 2868, her e-mail is (Please Note: Sydney time is 16 hours ahead of Philadelphia time)

Registration will close on 1 July 2016. By this date, Harriet will need to have the full tuition of US $1,160 per person or US $1,850 for a couple attending together. The expense fee (US$600 per parent) will not be due until 15 July 2016.

Parents who enroll in the course and pay the tuition before 25 June 2016 will receive a 10% discount on the tuition for the course.

We look forward to welcoming you to what we believe will be one of the most exciting and important weeks of your life. Warmest good wishes to you and your child.

Douglas Doman

Vice Director

P.S. In the event that you cannot join us for this course, please tell us if you would like to be updated about future courses or receive our e-newsletter.


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