DX Dystonia and a Chromosomal Abnormality: Jorge’s Success Story

DX Dystonia and a
Chromosomal Abnormality:

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Mother developed a blood clot during pregnancy, so the baby was delivered by c-section one month early.  At age 7 months, little Jorge was still unable to move, and parents began seeking help. “We realized Jorge had a problem when he continued missing age-appropriate milestones and never seemed to catch up. Some milestones he missed were sitting by himself, being able to stay sitting without help, and creeping.”

“Doctors said every child develops at their own pace.”

“Jorge’s first 15 months went by with the pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedist not noticing a thing. Doctors mentioned that Jorge was ‘very spoiled’ and that’s why he didn’t achieve age-appropriate milestones. Other doctors said that ‘every child develops at their own pace.’ We took Jorge to the best doctors in Guatemala and in the United States, and all we got was ‘developmental delay’ or wild guesses of what could be the problem.”


At age 3, Jorge could not stand up and could only walk short distances. Only his family understood his speech. He could not use his hands together. His understanding was below his age level. His health was poor, and he frequently went to the doctor with respiratory infections.

“We never got a straight up diagnosis”

A cerebral hemorrhage was found, and Jorge was diagnosed with a central nervous system disorder – dystonia, and a ‘chromosomal abnormality’ but “we never got a straight up diagnosis until we got to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and the What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course, and ‘brain injury’ was explained.


At the beginning we felt scared about the phrase brain injury as we didn’t know what it entailed, but after we finished the course, we felt hopeful.

After four months of treatment Jorge could walk

The most important thing we got from the course was that we finally understood what was going on with our little boy and that actually there was an action plan we could follow to get him well.”

Jorge’s parents started a treatment program at home. Four months later, Jorge was able to stand up independently and walk outdoors for an hour non-stop. His understanding and speech had developed to age level, and his health had improved significantly.

Today Jorge understands above age level and is reading at a fifth-grade level.


At seven years of age, Jorge understands above age level and speaks, and reads in both Spanish and English. He enjoys reading books that are at a fifth grade reading level. Mathematics is his favorite subject, and chess is a favorite activity. He runs 800 meters daily, and hikes weekly and swims.


He has learned 10,000 Bits of Intelligence, and 5,000 facts related to them, he holds conversations well above his age level. He has more than 40 responsibilities at home, he is always helping others wherever he goes.


My advice to parents of a child with a similar diagnosis is to get on The Institutes Intensive Treatment Program as soon as possible.”

“You will be surprised what you as a parent are able to get done.”  

Every time you get a new program, you feel overwhelmed, and the thought that ‘this will take months to achieve’ will cross your mind, not one time but several times. But once that thought is out of your mind – get to work, be consistent. You will be surprised what you as a parent are able to get done. You will be even more surprised what your child can achieve. You will look back at the goals that once you thought were impossible, goals that now have been achieved… I feel Jorge’s future is brighter than ever!”


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