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Autistic or Artistic?

“We think that parents should love their brain-injured children even more. See the beauty in him or in her. Attend the “What To Do” course and start the intensive program as soon as possible. This will be the most rewarding thing for the family and for the parents.”

Siao Siang's Parents

“There could be close to half a million people watching Haylie explaining how she created her business. They will all see this composed, confident, determined young woman and her mom sitting there next to her smiling a smile that feels too big for my face, thinking, “I remember when you couldn’t get the spoon in your mouth and look at you now!”

Haylie's Mother
Maria and Anna

“Maria has been in remission now for over two years and we are thrilled with her progress and are thankful every day. We survived, we are stronger, we have our two beautiful daughters with us, My husband and I feel the program is essential for our daughters, with all the knowledge and benefits it offers, towards the achievement of their full intellectual, physical, and physiological potential in life.”

Maria & Anna's Parents
25 ways to enrich your child's life
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program and materials you offer. 
There are three things I have learned from reading your books and watching your videos:
1) teaching is about giving information freely, lovingly, and without expectation; 
2) my child has a natural desire to learn that far, far exceeds what traditional educational systems will have one believe; 
3) stopping a lesson before a child wants to stop ensures that he will be left thirsting for more.
These lessons have reaped tremendous results. I have been applying your encyclopedic knowledge principles by making flashcards on different subjects. My son, at 2 ½ years old, can name 28 composers on sight, and identify the music of 17 of them on his own just by listening. He can also tell you when a cello is playing and when a French horn takes the stage. He will tell you that he doesn’t care for Robert Schumann, but that he loves Aaron Copeland and Dmitri Shostakovich. He can identify and distinguish an octagon from a hexagon, in addition to the more basic shapes. He can name all the planets in our solar system, and also share that he likes Jupiter the best, and that it is the largest planet. His vocabulary rivals that of some fourth graders – he easily uses words like “marvelous,” “oscillate,” and “oxidize” correctly when discussing ideas and concepts. We just received the Great Art Masterpiece cards and already he wants to draw a picture “like Van Gogh” using vibrant colors.
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your program and materials. My daily joy in seeing my child flourish cannot be articulated in words.

“Hammer throw is a discipline that requires extreme coordination, balance, strength, and even endurance, both mental and physical. Looking back, I am certain that without the early mental and physical training I received thanks to The Institutes’ Early Development Program and International School I would not be where I am today. The International School students are trained to be physically, socially, and intellectually excellent individuals, well balanced across all three areas.

I first began to notice the differences among my peers in my ability to manage my  time, something that for any college student is invaluable, but especially for a student-athlete who was also working part-time to be debt-free upon college graduation. Not only was I better at time management, but also I was able to retain information with ease. I am able to study in one hour what takes my peers 2 or 3 hours to study; without doubt, this is thanks to my superior reading and information retention skills obtained through the intellectual program.

I honestly cannot find the words to express my infinite gratitude not only to my wonderful parents, John and Susanna, who chose the difficult path of dedication and helped both me and my brother along our respective paths through life, but also to the teachers of the Evan Thomas Institute who helped shaped me into the athlete and person I am today.”

Victoria Di Castro Horn, Professional Hammer Thrower, ACSI Italia Atletica, ETI Class of 2006

25 ways to enrich your child's life

What Makes us Different

Medical diagnosis record icon

A Real Diagnosis

When children come to us, they have often received a poor prognosis and symptomatic labels, but no real diagnosis. We give children an accurate diagnosis that states the area of the brain involved, the degree of injury, and the extent of injury to brain.

Medicine icon

Drug-Free Treatment

Some medications have a suppressive effect on the brain. A sedated child is not a healthy child. We use a program of stimulation and opportunity, not medications, to help the injured brain to mature and function more normally.

Unique programming icon

Unique Programming

Each child is unique and requires a program designed for that child’s neurological condition and physiology. Our clinical team works tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind treatment program that is ideal for each child based on regular evaluations.

Find Out How We Can Help

There is Hope
“The most important thing I learned from this course is that there is hope, I can help my granddaughter. This course was more, much more than I was expecting. It was absolutely worth the time, effort and money that it cost. If I had to do it over again, I would have come sooner."
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— Grandfather, Illinois
Professional and Passionate
"The course exceeded my expectations, the Staff is very professional and very passionate. They really care and love what they do. I am really thankful for finding The Institutes."
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— Father, Georgia
Excellent Online Learning Environment
"The course was what I was expecting but it exceeded my expectations. The online learning was presented very well and was very easy to follow and learn. My guess is that the experience the Staff has created is the best it could be for online learning."
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— Mother, Colorado

How The Institutes Creates a Better Future for your Child

Children have potential icon

All children have potential

We believe all children have a right to be intellectually, physically and socially excellent.

Family icon

Parents are the best teachers

When parents know how the brain grows, they can create an enriched environment at home for their children.

Intellectual icon

The brain grows by use

Parents learn appropriate, safe, enjoyable and effective ways to promote the growth of the brain.

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Janet Doman

Janet Doman has been the director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential since 1980.

From a young age she worked side-by side with her father, Glenn Doman and her mother, Katie Doman, founders of The Institutes. She studied physical anthropology and neurophysiology at the University of Pennsylvania and Zoology at The University of Hull in England and then rejoined the staff of The Institutes in 1971.

Janet is the co-author of the best sellers How To Teach Your Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math, How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, How Smart Is Your Baby?, and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge. Janet and her team of child brain developmentalist wrote The Pathway to Wellness and The Pathway to Excellence. She authored the children’s book Enough, Inigo, Enough.

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