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Congratulations on completing the Newborn Course

Here are  a few products that will help you in your journey.

Featured Book

How To Teach Your Baby To Read

Since 1963, when the first edition of this ground-breaking book was published, millions of parents around the world have read the book and countless babies have been started on a pathway to intellectual excellence as a result. Of course, we have updated it along the way. The third and latest edition covers everything you need to know to understand why it is so important to teach your baby and the common sense program to do so.
Featured Book

Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!

From Birth to Age Six

This book is the next generation in teaching your baby to be physically superb. This inspiring book shows how the team of mother, father, and baby can explore and discover together the joys of human mobility. From learning the simple but vital stage of crawling to the beginnings of the sophisticated skills of the gymnast, this athletic team is the one that’s most important to the baby. The authors clearly explain each stage of mobility and show how to create an environment that will help your baby more easily achieve that stage.

Featured Book

How To Teach Your Baby Math

This book provides parents with a simple and clear daily program for teaching small children mathematics. At the same time, the essential and close contact of learning together enriches the love and respect between parents and baby. Mathematics, say the authors, is not a subject like geography but a way of thinking and reasoning. They show clearly just how easy and fun it is to teach a young child the reality of quantity and the simple truth behind the symbols we use in mathematics.

Featured Program

DELUXE How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Program

The Deluxe Program contains:

Hardcover Book: The revised and updated hardcover edition of the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence book.

Reading Materials, Math Materials, Encyclopedic Knowledge Materials

Featured Book

How Smart Is Your Baby?

How Smart Is Your Baby? provides parents with all the information they need to help their baby achieve his or her full potential. The authors first explain the newborn’s growth and development, they then guide the parents in creating a home environment that enhances and enriches brain development. Most important, parents learn how to design an effective and balanced daily program for physical and intellectual growth.

Featured Program

How To Teach Your Baby Math Program

This program is designed for those who already have the revised and updated book How To Teach Your Baby Math.
The program contains:

Dot Cards® 0 to 100 on 11″ by 11″ sturdy poster board. This revised and updated program provides up to 28 equations on the back of each card. They save precious time and energy and allow parents more teaching time and less time using a calculator!

Featured Book

Picture Dictionary Books

The Picture Dictionary Book Series was developed as an intermediary step between teaching your child to read and building your child’s interest in Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Each book introduces the child to the world around them, and contains 10 beautiful, full-color illustrations and large single words or couplets.

Ideal for children 3 months to 6 years.

Make an Everlasting Impact on Your Child's Life.

Join the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course​

In this course, mothers and fathers learn how to teach in a joyous and relaxed way without the pressure and stress that we sometimes associate with our own education.

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