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Parent Testimonial



This course is like the last piece of a puzzle where everything comes together in a very practical step-by-step guide, that lets you know exactly what is going on with your baby, their brains, and what to precisely do to help the strengthen the current level of their development and take them confidently and joyfully to the next level during the baby’s first year of life.

It is clearly the result of decades of research and practical work by Glenn Doman and the Institutes Staff with thousands of children from all over the world and their parents.

It is impressive the results we’ve had with our two daughters not only in terms of their skills, but most notably in their joyfulness, awareness, consciousness, ability to relate with others and perform many tasks that are not linearly linked to the program we are doing with them.

But clearly what I am most thankful for, is the closeness in how I experience my relationship with my girls and my wife.”

​One very happy & proud Father in Mexico​

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